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AIOU result – Get admission in Allama Iqbal Open University


History of (AIOU)           

AIOU result was founded in May 1974 with the primary goal of offering educational opportunities to the general public and to those who are unable to leave their homes. The University has more than delivered on this promise throughout the last several years.

When the AIOU was founded in 1974, it was the first Open University in Asia and Africa and the second Open University overall. So, the working class now has access to education and women now have access right outside their front doors. Additionally, it has made advancements in the area of mass education. So, in the areas of professional, scientific, and technological education, it is currently breaking new ground. It aims to connect with Pakistan’s most isolated regions. Additionally, it aims to use contemporary information technology to expand education in Pakistan.


So, Allama Iqbal Open University was passed in May 1974 originally known as the People’s Open University. So, it was renamed Allama Iqbal Open University on the eve of the national poet and philosopher, Allama Muhammad Iqbal first’s centenary in 1977. In the Education Policy of 1972–1980, which outlined some general principles, the concept of an “open university was introduced with the following statement: “Open Universities are being used in several nations to educate and train those who are unable to leave their homes and employment to attend full-time education. So, to give part-time educational opportunities, an open university will be formed. So, these will include correspondence courses, tutorials, seminars, workshops, and broadcasts on television and radio programs and other forms of public communication.”

How can we apply for admission to the Allama Iqbal Open University?

  • Check out www-aiou-edu-pk
  • So, Go to the menu bar on the home page and select “Apply for Admission”
  • So, now Choose between a postgraduate program or an undergraduate program. Other programs are currently unavailable.
  • So, to  continue”Choose Faculty,” click (note it can be found on the left-hand side of the screen)
  • Choosing Faculty Filling out Form
  • To discover the entrance requirements, click here.
  • So, now to continue, click “Apply.”
  • Pay attention to the displayed UNIQUE ID.
  • Press the “Continue” button.
  • Choose “Bank Branch” for the payment type.
  • Click “Pay,” copy your RRR number, and then bring it to any bank branch to make a payment.

After being paid


  • Do steps 1 through 3.
  • Then click “Continue After Payment.”
  • Enter the Program, RRR number, and Unique ID.
  • Fill out the form and click “Proceed.” Please take note that all fields with a red star are required.
  • Upon completing a form
  • Activate “Submit
  • Admission Letter to Print
  • So, to get screened, go to the closest research facility.

The most recent AIOU Fee Schedule 2022 after AIOU result

Because 4 Million students can earn degrees from Allama Iqbal University by studying at home each year. The way they study is straightforward when compared to other universities. The admission price is relatively affordable compared to those charged by Pakistan’s other universities. You may now see the entire pricing schedule, which is of utmost assistance while applying.

Admission Fees for All Programs at AIOU in 2022

Programs in Intermediate and Matric AIOU Program Name First Semester Fees Overall Semester Fee Schedule

Program’s Name The fee for the first semester Total semester
for matriculation                 Rs.1300/-                   04
Matric Darse-E-Nazami Group                 Rs.1300/-                   04
. . F.A. General Group & I.Com


                Rs.1820/-                    04
FA for the Darse-E-Nazami Group                 Rs.1820/-                     04

AIOU’s fee schedule for its BS (4-year) and ADP/BA (2-year) programs

Program’s Name Fee for the first semester Total semester
AD – Accounting & Finance Rs. 40020 /-                    04
 AD – Information Technology Management


Rs. 27390 /-                    04
AD in Library & Information Science


Rs. 27390 /-                    04
Mass Communication BA [PASS] Rs. 27390 /-                    04
AD- Commerce Rs. 27390 /-                    04
B.Com. in commerce Rs. 27390 /-                    04
Dars-e-Nizami BA (Pass): Rs. 11140 /-                    04
AD – Accounting & Finance Rs. 40020 /-                    04

But the deadline for submitting admission applications is September 6, 2022.

Facilities availability in AIOU that improve AIOU result

Arabic and Islamic Studies Faculty

So, the faculty was founded in 1974 and upgraded to become the Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies in 1998. Its departments are as follows:

  • Arabic literature and language
  • Hadith and the Qur’an
  • Sharia law
  • Islamic History, Thought, and Culture
  • Tafseer and the Qur’an

So, Islamic Research Index is an indexing and abstracting service run by the Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies. However, the first and largest collection of Arabic and Islamic Studies Research Journals is found in the Islamic Research Index.

Department of Education

The Faculty of Education has been around since 1984, long before the institution even existed.  So, to enhance instruction at the school level through Master Trainer in-service training, a National Institute of Education was founded in 1973 as a division of the Federal Ministry of Education. But In June 1975, this institute merged with the university.

The Faculty of Education is made up of the following departments:

  • Adult Education and Continuing Studies
  • Non-Formal and Distance Education
  • Science Education; Special Education; Teacher Education (Secondary); Educational Planning and Management; Teacher Education (Elementary)

School of Science

The Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences was founded in 1982 and later renamed the Faculty of Sciences. It has the nine departments listed below:

  • Agriculture, biology, and botany [2] are all included.
  • Computer science, chemistry, and information technology[2]
  • Environmental sciences; Engineering and technology;
  • Mathematics and statistics [1] [2]
  • home and health sciences
  • Physics[2][1]
  • Telecommunications

Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty

Because the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities was established in 1982. So:

  • The faculty’s 16 departments include Business Administration; Management Sciences.
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • English Language and Applied Linguistics
  • History
  • Iqbal Studies
  • Sociology
  • social work and population studies
  • Pakistan studies
  • Pakistani languages, gender, and women’s studies
  • So, library and Information Sciences, and Mass Communication are just a few of the subjects covered.

Ph.D. (AIOU result)

AIOU will recommend candidates for 45 Ph.D. So, scholarships in a variety of academic research fields to improve AIOU result in the following fields:

  • Distance and non-formal education, educational planning, and management, instructional design, science education, teacher preparation
  • So, science is related to biology, statistics, the environment, health, and nutrition.
  • Computing
  • Business Management
  • Law, English, Economics, International Relations, Gender Studies, and History
  • Islamic Thought History and Culture, Interfaith Studies, and Islamic Law and Jurisprudence

Ph.D. programs within the following academic colleges:

  • Science and Engineering College
  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities College

Because members of the International Professional Development Unit at the University of Leicester will provide advice and assistance to AIOU professionals. So, the AIOU employees will receive guidance and support from members of the University of Leicester’s International Professional Development Unit as they prepare quality applications for each of the available scholarships.


Administrative staff members selected by AIOU after they announce their AIOU result will be eligible for 10 Master’s scholarships for one of the two following programs offered by the University Of Leicester School Of Business:

  • MSC Management: A one-year full-time, campus-based postgraduate degree. Because it focuses on the reasons behind organizational behavior and how managers can effectively control it.
  • MSC International Management: A postgraduate program taught on-campus that lasts a year full-time. Because it focuses on how international organizations operate. So the economic, political, and social variables are present.

Profile of the student

  • Over 70% of students are working.
  • There are more than 50% female students.
  • So, the proportion of students living in rural and urban areas is 58 and 42%, respectively.
  • So, there is no maximum age for enrollment in university programs.
  • But from one semester to the next, a student may proceed at his or her speed.
  • But the SSC, Intermediate, Bachelor, and TeacherEducationprograms currently have a significant clients. However, the university has been placing more of a focus on higher education during the past few years.
  • So, AIOU offers the option for students to sign up for the course(s) of their choice at a certain level.

Future goals for better AIOU result

Objectives for better AIOU result

The followings are the university’s primary goals.

  • So, to offer educational facilities in a way considers appropriate to those who are unable to leave their homes and jobs.
  • So, for the purpose of offering the general public these facilities for their educational advancement as considered necessary.
  • But they also offer resources for teacher training in the ways that it sees fit.
  • So they also make arrangements for research and the advancement and transmission of information in any way it deems appropriate.
  • So, to make arrangements for research and the advancement and transmission of information in any way it deems appropriate.
  • But for conducting tests, grants, and issuing diplomas, degrees, certificates, and other academic honors.

Awards that this university gets after AIOU result

AIOU won the Raja Roy Sing Award and the UNESCO NOMA Award for their creative approaches to educating the rural populace in literacy.

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