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Top 6 career opportunities with a BSC in Agriculture Degree

BSC in Agriculture

India being a land of agricultural magnanimity has its 18% GDP contributed by the agricultural industry as it holds 60% of the Indian population as its labor mass. As the agricultural sector continues to grow in India, the requirement for advanced facilities and skilled agriculturalists is hiking up. Students pursuing agricultural courses in top universities like Mansarovar Global university, the best BSc agriculture college in MP are in high demand in present and future decades. This article will guide you through the career opportunities for BSc in agriculture graduates.

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Overview of BSC in Agriculture course:

B.Sc Agriculture is an undergraduate course that focuses on inculcating agricultural concepts, methods, tactics, and techniques with theoretical and practical training. Here is an overview of eligibility, admission, and much more:

Course description

B.Sc Agriculture course centralizes on educating scientific approaches to agriculture along with experiential training.
Course motto This course is focused on preparing scientifically skilled agriculturalists to protect and uplift the agricultural sector.
Eligibility criteria
  • The minimum eligibility criteria for B.Sc in Agriculture is class 12th pass with 50% aggregate including physics, chemistry, and mathematics/biology/agriculture from any recognized board.
  • Students can make lateral entries if they complete a Diploma in Agriculture.
Admission process
  • Merit-based or entrance-based
  • Merit-based admissions consider 10+2 marks.
  • Entrance-based admissions consider entrance exams like CUET, ICAR AIEEA
Duration 3 years
Mode Semester
Course module 2 semesters in each year thus 6 semesters in total.
Course design Course module involves traditional classroom theoretical sessions along with practical training.
Average course fee INR 2-3 Lakhs


General details regarding the course, B.Sc Agriculture in renowned colleges like Mansarovar Global University(MGU), one of the top universities in Bhopal has been provided in the above tabular column.

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Top 6 career opportunities after a B.Sc agriculture degree:

Here is a brief idea about the top 6 career opportunities after a B.Sc agriculture:

Job Position Job Description Average salary
Quality assurance manager Quality assurance manager is responsible for checking and ensuring the quality of agro products such as crops, poultry, etc. INR 10 LPA
Agriculture Officer Agriculture officers are dedicated to designing and executing strategies that increase the productivity of any agro company or firm. INR 9.60 LPA
ICAR Scientist Indian Council of Agricultural Research hires scientists who are responsible for analyzing, designing, and developing positive strategies for agriculture scientifically. INR 7.5 LPA
Plant Breeder Plant Breeders identify the desirable traits for commercial uses, strategize techniques to extract those traits via genetic trials, etc. INR 7.76 LPA
Plantation manager Plantation manager supervises cultivation, harvest, and storage in the right aspects for any agro company INR 5.25 LPA
Agriculture sales officer Agriculture sales officer is responsible for promoting and selling the agricultural products of a company in the agro market. INR 4.90 LPA

Other career opportunities after BSC in Agriculture:

Students after pursuing B.Sc Agriculture in renowned universities like Mansarovar Global University(MGU), the best BSc agriculture college in MP can also avail of the below job positions:

Government jobs Private jobs
●      Junior agricultural associate

●      Assistant manager

●      Agriculture development officer

●      Seed officer

●      Rural development officer

●      IFS officer

●      Agriculture technician

●      Sales associate

●      Senior project manager

●      Marketing executive


B.Sc Agriculture Course syllabus:

If you are a student interested in pursuing a B.Sc in agriculture, then it is essential to know the course syllabus in the best colleges like Mansarovar Global University(MGU), the best university in MP. Here are the syllabus details for B.Sc Agriculture:

Core subjects Elective subjects
●      Fundamentals of soil science

●      Human values and ethics

●      Introduction to forestry

●      Intellectual property rights

●      Agricultural microbiology

●      Fundamentals of crop physiology

●      Fundamentals of entomology

●      Fundamentals of genetics

●      Fundamentals of horticulture

●      Agri-business management

●      Crop improvement and food safety

●      Integrated crop management

●      Applied horticulture

●      Agro-industrial training

●      Commercial Beekeeping

●      Mushroom cultivation technology

●      Seed production and technology

●      Soil, plant, water, and seed testing

Top agricultural colleges in India:

India is a land that worships agriculture. Thus there is no doubt it has plenty of the best agricultural colleges like Mansarovar Global University(MGU), the best agriculture college in Bhopal. Find a few other top government agricultural colleges in India below:


College Name Average Fee
ADAC & RI INR 70,825
Agricultural college & Research Institute, Thoothukudi INR 50,225
Annamalai University INR 1,02,270
Thiruvalluvar University, Tamil Nadu INR 21,500
Tamil Nadu Agriculture University INR 41,802


Higher education after BSC in Agriculture:

B.Sc Agriculture graduates from the best colleges like Mansarovar Global University(MGU), a BSc agriculture college in Bhopal, who wish to strengthen their career in the agriculture industry can further pursue higher education. Here is the list of a few courses that can be studied after B.Sc Agriculture:

  • Sc in Dairy science
  • Sc in agricultural biotechnology
  • Sc in forestry
  • Sc in horticulture
  • Sc in fishery
  • MBA in agricultural management


Global agriculture is expected to grow to $ 18,814.21 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 10.7% while the Indian agriculture market is expected to reach INR 142,280 in 2027 with a CAGR of 12.3% during 2022-2027. To achieve this drastic growth. The agriculture sector requires highly qualified agriculturalists. Thus it is a wise choice to pursue B.Sc Agriculture at top universities like Mansarovar Global University(MGU), the best BSc Agriculture college in MP, India.

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👉Can BSC in Agriculture graduates pursue MBA in finance?

Yes, B.Sc Agriculture graduates can pursue MBA in finance and many other MBA specializations too.

👉Is there scope for B.Sc Agriculture graduates abroad?

Yes, there is scope for B.Sc Agriculture graduates abroad as the entire world is striving hard to develop well in agriculture to meet the increasing demand among the population.

👉Is B.Sc Agriculture and B.Sc Horticulture the same?

No, B.Sc agriculture deals with entire agricultural practices which includes horticulture as well. But B.Sc Horticulture concentrates on growing plants for food and aesthetics only.

👉Should agricultural graduates study other certificate courses?

Not mandatory, but it is appreciable as it will be an advantage for the resume.

👉List top companies that hire agricultural graduates.

  • JK Agri Genetics Ltd.
  • Mahindra Agri
  • Tata Agrico
  • Reliance Foundation
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