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Difficult Treks in India

Difficult Treks


Difficult Treks-Trekking is such a thing that completely refreshes your heart and your mind, and provides you a replacement path and new thinking in your life. If you’re keen on trekking and you love camping in the mountains, then you must try treks in India.

Here we have compiled a list of the more difficult and most exciting treks in India.

Pin Parvati Trek:

Pin Parvati pass trek is in Himachal Pradesh and is 5319 meters. So it’s considered the most challenging trek. Pin Parvati Pass starts from Barsheni. This trek connects the Parvati valley of Kullu and therefore the Pin valley of Spiti,  that’s why this trek is called the Pin Parvati valley trek. This trekking tour has green grasslands, dry and cold mountain deserts of Spiti, a Buddhist village, and alpine meadows,  waterfalls, high-altitude lakes, and glaciers. This is also one of the Difficult Treks

Kedarkantha Trek:

Kedarkantha trekking is known for camping with its beautiful views. The height of the Kedar Kantha trek is 12,500ft. Juda-Ka-Talab is the most famous campsite, which adds to the beauty of this trek. The morning light hits the highest of the mountain, then the view of the campsite is looking gorgeous. This trek is taken into account to be one of the foremost famous winter treks in India. One of the main reasons for starting the  Kedar Kantha trek is the climbing this trek. This trekking is popular among the people, while doing this trek you’ll see the peaks and snow-capped peaks. 

Tungnath Chandrashila Trek:

Another fascinating trek in Uttarakhand is Chandrashila, where you’ll feel the grandeur of the Himalayan peak up close. If you want to experience an adventure along with a religious journey, then you must definitely go on the trek to ChandrashilaThe starting point of this trek is Chopta village. Through this trek, you’ll reach the highest Shiva temple in the world. This is really one of the difficult Difficult Treks.

Sar  Pass  Trek:

Sar pass trek is located in Kasol. It’s a perfect trek for adventure seekers. This trek is a moderate trek on a difficult level for nature lovers. It is a 5-7 days trek. This trek route is so beautiful that it’s among the best trek in Himachal. The exhilarating view on the top of the car pass will leave you spellbound. There are plenty of stay options on Kasol. A whole trek has multiple forests, meadows, quaint villages, terrains, and snow-covered trails. 

Kheerganga Trek:(Difficult Treks)

Kheerganga Track is one of the foremost dangerous hiking trails in India. You also enjoy the mysterious springs by trekking in the Kheerganga. One of the most popular treks from Kasol is the Kheerganga trek. One of the toughest treks in the Himalayan region, Kheerganga is also considered the magical land where Lord Shiva meditated for thousands of years. The trek to Kheerganga can be taken through two routes to  Rurdanag and Kalga to Pulga, an incredible Himalayan hideout situated at 9700 ft. Both these routes get diverted from Barshaini. Trekkers proceed further after walking through dense deodar, crossing several streams, and managing to climb the path after soaking in the wonders of nature. This trekking distance is about 14 km.

Markha Valley Trek:

One of the most beautiful valleys of the Himalayas is an untouched paradise called Markha Valley Trek. The trek route along the Markha River in Little Tibet is loved by both professional and mid-level trekkers. Since this trek is amidst the high peaks of the Himalayas, only a little experienced trekker can enjoy the breathtaking views of Markha. If you are thinking of challenging yourself then this trek will be perfect for you. While trekking, trekkers can go through Hemis National Park and two pass crossings, Gandal La Pass and Kongmaru La Pass. The proximity to Leh brings many people to this valley. Here you will get to see animals like snow leopard, ibex, and blue sheep. It is a visit to acclimate yourself to the environment there.

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