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explain how technology has affected people’s activity levels

explain how technology has affected people's activity levels

Technology has affected people’s activity levels in different ways. Well, it is true that technology plays a very important in the world but the use of technology matters a lot. If someone is using technology for his benefit purpose in a positive way. That’s fine! But if someone is using technology for any negative purpose. Then this is terrible. As it is famous saying Excessive use of everything is bad. So, it depends upon you how you use technology

Benefits of Technology:

There are a lot of benefits of technology. Technology made our lives easier. Now we can complete our many tasks within a minute. At an early age, communication was very difficult. People use pigeons to send their messages. But today we have mobile phones. So, we can talk to our beloved ones by just sitting from home. Now the whole world is just one click away from us. This is due to technology. Technology gave us a lot of benefits. Man of the milestones has been achieved due to technology. Today’s transport system is a big example of innovative technology. There was a time when a man just dream about flying. But today it is reality. Now you can fly by airplane. So, similarly, there is a lot of things that have greater importance.

How technology has affected people’s activity levels?

explain how technology has affected people's activity levels

Yes, technology has affected people’s activity levels. The overuse of technology may affect the young generation. The main drawback of technology is also that today every one is very busy with technology. A big part of our youth is involved in using mobile phones. They are getting addicted to it. So, they do not take part in co-curricular activities which is not good.

Well, technology also has benefits and as well as some disadvantages. People who use technology negatively will definitely affect society. Many hackers are using technology for hacking purposes. So they steal software of other IT groups and hack the data of others. Another negative use of technology occurs in different wars. We all know when America attacked the Japanese cities. So, the use of technology matters a lot.

How to use Technology?

You should use technology in a proper positive way. Excessive use of mobile phones, tabs, and laptops can cause health issues like eyesight problems. In our homes, even our elders use cell phones late at night. However, they should spend time with their children and listen to them. But we see in this society that they are busy on their cell phones. No doubt technology has provided us with many facilities but in the same way, it has made us lazy. Our youth is going farther from healthy activities like outdoor games including badminton, cricket, football, etc. We do not have our morning routines. No time for a morning walk and to see nature.

Conclusion: (technology has affected people’s activity)

The conclusion of this article is that technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Depends upon our use how we approach technology.

Hopefully, this article will be informative for you. Give your feedback in the comment section. I will appreciate your positive response.

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