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Hisham Sarwar – One of the top blogger and Digital marketer

Hisham Sarwar

His Career:

Hisham Sarwar has a bright career in Freelancing. He has earned over 1 Million dollars. He is also a social philanthropist. So, he also provides solutions to the social issues of life. He is also running Pakistan’s first marketplace by the name of Rozgar Pakistan. So, he is a great personality. He is also a Youtuber. He has his own youtube channel so he provides training and guidance to the society related to freelancing.

Who is Hisham Sarwar?

Hisham Sarwar is a Top Pakistani Freelancer. He has earned a good name in the freelancing industry. Hasham is one of the best and top-rated freelancers in Pakistan. He has organization info must services that have launched a big marketplace of freelancing to connect global employers with the Pakistani marketplace. So, in this way, he basically wants to serve society.

Hisham Sarwar as a Youtuber:

Hisham Sarwar is also you tuber so he runs his own YouTube channel. He provides information related to freelancing and shares a lot of information with the community. Because he is a top Freelancer and successful personality so a lot of people follow them. So, he has 314k subscribers on Youtube.

Success Story:

Hasham- Sarwar says:

When you apply for any freelancing job you must follow seven color formula or satrangi formula. To begin with a greeting and then introduce yourself. In the third step tell the client that you have read his job description. Then show your portfolio to the client so he will impressed. Then after that give him an extra offer free of cost. So, then your client will think about you. At the last give your best regards.

He has a very inspiring success story. Hasham has worked a lot and then earn a lot of respect from his fans. He started his career as a Graphic designer. So, he is a graphic designer. As he wants to be the top freelancer so he has effort for it and now he is the best freelancer in Pakistan. Aaliyan Chaudary is also one of the best freelancers in Pakistan.

Hisham Sarwar as a Blogger:

Hisham Sarwar is also a blogger. He has his own blog by the name of Being Guru. Being Guru is a highly ranked blog. Because he effort a lot for it. Being Guru is one of the informative platforms. Because his website is related to the:

  • Freelancing
  • Motivation
  • Internet
  • Technology

So, this is very informative and helpful for the people.

Inspiring and motivational words

Hisham Sarwar as soon as stated:

“Folks who as soon as worked for me at the moment are incomes extra than me as a freelancer.”

“In freelancing, there may be the margin of earning in a single month what one may make in next six         months throughout a workplace job.”

“Realize your work and well-worth.”

“Even by counting on outside devices and providing more cost-added services, we can raise our it sales.”

“I like giving again and sharing the knowledge I have.”

Giving Back to Community:

Hasham- Sarwar has also given many things back to society. He provides counseling to the people on YouTube through his channel. He has contributed a lot to Pakistan because he makes his first marketplace Rozgar Pakistan.

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