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how long is a school bus

how long is a school bus

School bus is available in various different sizes. So, you can choose any size of the bus easily according to your demand.

But if you are going to buy a school Van then you should have enough information about the length and size of the school bus and school bus dimensions. School buses are basically used to transport students from home to school and school to home.

So, today I will tell you how long is a bus? Read the complete article hopefully, this will be informative for you.

How long is a school bus?

The normal size of a school bus is 20 to 45 feet in length. Particularly buses that have sizes from 20 to 25 are considered as short or minibusses. However, buses with sizes 25 to 35 are considered mid-category buses. While buses with a size of more than 35 feet are considered full-sized buses.

Well, the size also depends upon the requirement and the area. In smaller areas short-size buses are preferable. While in normal areas mid-size buses and in larger areas full-sized buses are preferable. So, it depends upon the requirement.

How can we measure school van length?

Usually, the size of the bus is measured from bumper to bumper. People also ask about the interior size of the bus which means that the useable size of the bus includes sitting. It excludes the engine of the bus and cockpit. So, in this way you can get an idea about the interior size of the bus and it is fit for you or not.

The main purpose to check out the interior area of the bus is to find the sitting area. So, they can analyze their requirements.

How long is a standard school bus?


The average standard size of the school van is about 35 feet and 95 to 105 inches wide.  It is considered as the average standard size of the school bus.

But it is not the condition. Every person should buy the bus according to his own requirements.

  • How much students ha has to pick up to transport
  • What is the area in which he has to travel

So these are the basic conditions and requirements that everyone follows.

How wide is a school bus?

The average width of the large school bus is about 90 inches. Similarly, the width of the small school bus is about from 72 to 92 inches.

But the width of the school bus depends upon the width of the seats normally ranging from 18 to 45 inches. The bus aisle wills me wider as much the seats will be wider.

Well, it also depends upon your requirement. If you have to transport more students then you can buy large size bus and if you need to transport minimum students so then you can buy small size bus. The width of the bus means the inner width of the bus.

How to choose the right van for school?

While buying the School-van you should follow the following things:

  • The Engine capacity of the bus
  • Chassis
  • Mileage
  • Leakage points; check out all the spots
  • Documentation; check out the whole documents of the bus it should be original
  • Always buy a bus according to your requirement, so do not overbuy
  • Check the capacity of the bus so that how many members can sit
  • Fuel efficiency

So, these are the basic requirements to buy any school van. The size of the bus depends upon your requirement and how many students you need to transport daily.

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