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how much money to give for high school graduation gift 2020

how much money to give for high school graduation gift 2020

how much money to give for high school graduation gift 2020. Graduation from high school is a special time that can never be forgettable for any person. These are the golden memories that fascinate any person even after the passing of many years. Because the graduation period comes only one time in life. So, it covers a lot of memories in it. Maybe in high school, we cannot realize the importance of these days but these days come to our mind when the time has gone. So, the wise person understands that point and tries to enjoy the single day of his graduation. As doing graduation from high school or college is a momentous occasion for anyone. So, it is unforgettable to anyone.

How much money to give for high school graduation gift 2020? My opinion is to give them enough money to enjoy but not give them too much.

I would recommend on average you should give 10 to 300 dollars for high school graduation. Colleagues and acquaintances it should be 10 to 20 dollars, Friends should give 20 to 30 dollars, Family and relatives should give 50 to 100 dollars and [parents are likely to give between 100 to 300 dollars.

How much money to give for high school graduation?

If you want to give any type of gift, so they don’t try to give extra or much expensive gift. Just think that it is the birthday occasion and give your gift according to the birthday occasion. Doing graduation from a high school is very good but it does not mean that you give them an extra amount of money or expensive gifts.

But if you do have not a good idea about the gift then you can give a sufficient amount of money to them. So, in this way, you don’t need to think anymore and it will teach you boy that what is the worth of money. Because when they go outside and buy the thing that they want. It will be definitely a lesson for them.

Is it good to give money?

Yes, it is ok to give money or a gift for high school graduation.

Well, it depends upon your relation and affordability. Whether the recipient is your close relative, your own child, your friends or your student, or your colleague.

But if you cannot give a sufficient amount of money for high school graduation then you can also give a normal amount of gift and this will also be ok. So, it also depends upon your affordability. But you don’t need to feel any type of guilty or hesitation that you are giving less money than others. Don’t think what people say. Always think about what makes you happy. So, always put deaf ears to others’ perceptions.

But overall it is ok to give money for high school graduation. Because as a graduate they demand gift for different reasons.

Amount recommendation for graduation gift of money:

Now here I will tell you that how much money for graduation is best:

For Son or Daughter: (for high school graduation)

As a parent, there will be expectations that you will give the most and you should. So, you have to give the amount that really means something for your children and will be memorable for your son or daughter.

If you give 100 dollars on their birthday so you need to increase a little bit to 200 or 300 dollars for the average graduation gift. But if in case the high amount is not affordable so, you don’t need to worry your child will understand and you can give a normal gift to him or her. I will suggest you should do some conversation before that day because it is better than the heated discussion afterward.

For Friends:

It is obvious that friends cannot get money equal to relatives. So, you should give them enough amount of money not too much. Usually, friends don’t demand much amount of money they just demand some type of fun or celebration. So, you can arrange a small party.

You can also give him graduation gift money but it should be minimum and appropriate. I will recommend 20 dollars and it is enough for any friend.

You can also follow this suggestion for your cousins and the relatives that are far from you. You can also invite them to dinner at night.

For Acquaintances: (high school graduation gift)

Well, I think there is no need to give anything to acquaintances because they are not very close to you. But in some circumstances, if you think that it is important to make relation with that person. So, then, in this case, you can give a small gift or small graduation gifts money.

So, the amount of money that you should give is about 10 dollars. It is enough but still, I would recommend there is no need to give anything but if want to keep the relation then you can do a little bit.

how much money to give for high school graduation gift 2020

Monetary gift graduation tips:

Here I will tell you some tips about the average graduation gift:

It is not compulsory to give graduation gifts:

Well, normally people think that it is compulsory that to give any give graduation gift. They do not see their affordability. Because they think that it is the kind of dishonor for them. But they do not see that what is best for them. So, do not see towards other people, Always see that what is good for you and what makes you happy.

I want to tell you that it is not compulsory that you must need to give any graduation gift. If you cannot afford then there is no need to take any risk. So, always think about yourself, not about other people.

Avoid discussing high school graduation gifts:

It is not a good activity that if you discuss the graduation gift with others. Normally people do. They start discussing it with others. Do they discuss questions like how much money did you give? What type of gift did you give? So, my point is that you should not discuss the gift or amount in the public. These are not good personality traits.

The graduation gift that you are giving is the secret between you and the receiver. So, you should avoid revealing that secret. Because there may be some people who did not give anything and when you discuss it with them then it will be embarrassing for them.

High school graduation gift Etiquette:

If you are giving some kind of cash amount then it would be better to cover it in an envelope. Because to give cash amount without any covering may not look good. So, it is better to cover it in an envelope. You can also cover it in the gift paper and place a card on it. The card will show you a brief introduction and joyful words.

But if you are giving a gift then it would be better to cover it in the gift paper with some decoration. The gift that you will give should not be more than the recommended amount. It must be of the recommended amount. Because some people do not think during buying gift and sometimes they bought costly gifts that are more than the recommended amount. Always remember your affordability matters. If you can afford a costly gift then go for it but if not then you should think about it.

Some creative cash graduation gift ideas:

If you are going to give the cash amount so, then you can also think about these ideas:

  • Make paper money flowers
  • Make a money tree
  • Give a calendar with the money placed on each month
  • You can also give a piggy bank
  • Roll the dollar papers and layered them like a cake
  • You can also tuck money in the school supplies like a pencil holder or a notebook

So, if you are going to give some cash amount you can follow the decoration ideas that are mentioned above.


The conclusion of this article is that you should give monetary graduation gifts to your friends, to your siblings, to your son or daughter, and as well as to your relatives. I have told you the recommended amount that should be given. But it is also not compulsory to give any graduation gift. Your affordability also matters. So, do not see towards others always see towards yourself.

The way of presenting those gifts also have mentioned in this article. You should follow the recommended amount and also keep it in mind during buying the graduation gif.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you.

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