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How to uninstall unwanted programs and files using PC cleaner software?

How to uninstall unwanted programs

Applications that you no longer use may be quickly deleted from your computer to clear up disk space and declutter your Start menu. A built-in uninstall feature is included in Windows 10 and Windows 11, and it can be accessed through the Start menu, Settings page, and Control Panel. If it’s a Windows 10 Universal program, you can swiftly and thoroughly uninstall it using the uninstall functionality in the Start menu and Settings, but not via the Control Panel applet. In this post, I am going to give you a complete guide on How to uninstall unwanted programs?

When you use Windows’ built-in tools to attempt to uninstall a complete desktop program, the procedure often leaves behind unused folders, files, and Registry entries that might clog up your machine. For this reason, using a third-party uninstaller may be a good idea. It may completely remove a program and leave no traces behind.

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Remove Using the Control Panel

How to uninstall unwanted programs?

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 still provide the option to use the Control Panel if that is what you want. Type Control Panel into the Taskbar’s search box, click, and then choose Control Panel from the list of results. Select Programs and Features while in icon view.

Note that only traditional desktop programs are shown in this interface; Windows Universal apps are not. Choose the application you want to uninstall, then either use the right-click menu that appears when you choose it, or click Uninstall at the very top of the list.

Uninstall in the app’s settings

To access all the applications on your computer more quickly, navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. You should be able to discover any program installed on your computer on this screen. Which displays both Windows Universal and traditional desktop programs. Locate the program you want to uninstall by scrolling down the list, clicking it directly in Windows 10 or the three-dot icon in Windows 11, and then choose Uninstall.

Third-Party Solutions (How to uninstall unwanted programs)

Applications often scatter their directories and files over your system, and they could even overwrite your Registry with settings that are difficult to find. A third-party uninstaller is required to fully remove a program since the Windows uninstall tools may not get rid of all these leftovers.

Finding the correct balance while completely deleting a Windows desktop program is difficult. There are several Windows files and Registry settings that are shared by numerous programs. Therefore, the best PC cleaner software must eliminate all program leftovers without interfering with any other programs that might still rely on those items.

Because of this, several of the top uninstallers have certain backups and security measures in place. It is possible to restore the program if anything goes wrong after uninstalling it in order to address any problems that may arise. Here are three independent uninstallers that can complete the task.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller (Opens in a new window) has the ability to thoroughly and cleanly eliminate desktop programs, Windows applications, and even browser add-ons. The free edition is a wonderful place to start since it has the essential functions.

The Revo Installer interface lists every software on your computer so you can quickly discover the ones you wish to uninstall. The software may also aid with the installation of programs. Enabling it to keep track of the whole procedure and more thoroughly delete the app in the future.

Double-click the application you wish to uninstall, or right-click it and choose Uninstall from the menu, to run Revo. Before eliminating related files and Registry entries, Revo first builds a restore point that you may fall back on if necessary. The program’s own uninstall procedure is then used by Revo to remove it.

Then Revo asks you if you want to delete any remaining settings after scanning the Registry for them. Depending on how aggressive you want the software to be. You may pick from three settings for this: Safe, Moderate, or Advanced.

Ashampoo Uninstaller

How to uninstall unwanted programs?

With no residual files or settings, Ashampoo UnInstaller can completely uninstall Windows apps and desktop programs. Although there is a 30-day free trial and it is frequently on sale, the product will cost you $40.

You may examine all installed programs, newly installed software, big apps, and even Windows updates on the main screen. A list of all Windows applications and browser plug-ins is also available. Additionally, Ashampoo UnInstaller can keep track of installations to make program removal simpler in the future.

Choose an application you wish to uninstall and click the Uninstall button to test Ashampoo UnInstaller. You might decide to carry out more thorough cleaning to attempt to remove any traces of the application. Ashampoo UnInstaller is used to remove any residual files and Registry settings once the program’s own uninstall procedure has finished running.


IObit Remover

Windows Universal programs as well as desktop applications may be deleted with IObit Uninstaller (Opens in a new window). Basic capabilities like the ability to search for remaining pieces of uninstalled software are included in the free edition. For one to three PCs, the Pro version offers additional features like support for obstinate programs and browser plug-ins.

Be careful that during installation, IObit Uninstaller will attempt to add some unwanted software to your computer. A custom setup is your best option if you want to stay clear of these unwanted apps.

There are several perspectives and choices available on the main screen. You may see every installed application, those that were just put in, big programs that take up a lot of space, and seldom used apps. The interface also directs you to browser plug-ins and Windows applications. You may also check to see whether your applications are up to date under the area for software updates.

Click the Uninstall button after choosing the software you wish to uninstall using IObit Uninstaller. The program’s own uninstaller function is used by IObit to remove it, clearing up any extra files, Registry entries, and settings in the process.

Bottom Line

Here in this post, I have told you about How to uninstall unwanted programs? I hope this article will be informative for you. Share your feedback in the comment box. I would love to answer!

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