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IIUI-International Islamic university Islamabad


Introduction to IIUI:

IIUI is the top-ranking university in the world with its quality education and management. International Islamic University Islamabad is located in Pakistan, So this university is the center of Islam. This institute is situated in Pakistan (Islamabad) and came into being on Muharam 1, 1401 (November 18, 1980) by foreign and inside revenue from Pakistan, So the students studying here are from all over the world like Japan, Germany, China, South Korea, the Middle East, Central.


IIUI placed itself at the best ranking position in Pakistan and worldwide.

Country Rank:    17

            World ranking:    4094



Our institute has a lot of departments that also have advanced research centers. So those departments are given below:

  • Anthropology
  • Education
  • History & Pakistan Studies.
  • Islamic Art and Architecture.
  • Media & Communications Studies.
  • Sociology
  • Politics & International Relations.
  • Psychology

Faculty staff:

All the staff at IIUI is highly qualified because they have years of experience. IIUI has a quality education because many of the professors are Ph.D. decorate. Basic and applied science: Teaches basic computer science, software engineering, environmental science, and biotechnology.  Engineering and technology Offer Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering. Iqra college of technology: ICT college offers a Diploma of Associate Engineering Islamic study: offers a degree in Tafseerand Quranic science, Hadith, Seerah, and comparative religion. Arabic: Teaches Arabic language, literature, and translation Management of science: Department offered Master of Business Administration  program



IIUI has different libraries like Central Library, Islamic Library, Engineering Library, Sharia library, and Dawn academy library, So these all libraries have a lot of books related to their programs. This institute also has the HEC Digital library which is based on the latest technologies.

International Linking:

IIUI has very close academic collaborations with :

  • AL AZHAR University –Cairo, Egypt
  • Umm-ul Quran university, Makah, Saudi Arabia
  • Islamic University Medina- Saudi Arabia
  • Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Research Centers:

Suleiman Bin Abdullah Aba-Khail – Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Science (SA-CIRBS)

SA-CIRBS  established in 2014 with the vision and objectives to promote interdisciplinary applied research like combinatorial use of chemical, biology, and environmental sciences. SA-CIRBS also gives prime importance to national and international academic and industrial collaborations, partnerships, and projects. It this also worth mentioning that we very welcome the proposals and ideas from within the country and from abroad in this regard. This center is established to achieve internationally competitive and also quality teaching and applied interdisciplinary research at MS, Ph.D., AND post-doctoral levels.

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Vision and Mission of IIUI:

To become center of excellence with leading teacher education highly qualified, research-based practice, and allied infrastructure with modern technology, So to compete the world.

To promote multilingualism for effective understanding, communication, and for exchanging of mutually beneficial scientific and cultural benefits because of Islamic value.

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