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Leh Ladakh Trip On Bike: Things To Keep In Mind

Leh Ladakh

Before going on a Leh Ladakh trip on a bike, your own preparation should be as follows

Carry all kinds of medicines with you

First of all, it is very important for you to have medicine. You should carry all kinds of medicines like ENO, ORS, etc. You should take all these medicines not only on a Ladakh trip but also before going on any long ride, because you may need them anywhere and anytime.

Money should we keep with us for emergency/extra fund

There are very few ATMs in Ladakh. So if you are going on a Ladakh trip, then you must carry extra cash with you, otherwise, you may have to face a lot of problems.

While riding a bike, you must take care of your safety

Wear riding gear for your safety:

Before going on any long ride, it is very important for you to keep your safety in mind, and for this, you have all these riding gear like – Riding jackets, Riding Pants, Riding Gloves, and Riding Boots, Helmet, Knee Guard, and Elbow Guard very important.

Shoes to take to Ladakh:

You can buy riding boots, gumboots, or army riding shoes for the Ladakh trip. Riding boot is a bit expensive (₹6000-15000), so if your budget is a bit high, you can buy it, but if your budget is a bit less, you can go for Army writing shoes (approx ₹ 1000-1200) from Decathlon ) or you can take gumboot. 

Carry some essential food items

If you are going on a trip to Leh Ladakh on bike, car, train, bus, or flight, then you should bring drinking water (at least 2 liters/person) and some food items like bread, butter, jam, Carry sauces, snacks, biscuits, dry fruits, center fresh and lots of chocolates, as you will not find a shop even if you travel long distances while traveling Leh-Ladakh. One more thing, as soon as you enter Ladakh, you should consume 1 liter more water than before.

Carry extra cash on Leh Ladakh trip

After Leh, you will get to see ATMs in very less quantities and whether they will work or not, nothing can be said. So you should carry some extra cash with you after Leh. If you are going solo traveling on a Ladakh trip, then you should take ₹ 10000-12000 with you according to your stay in Ladakh and if you are traveling with a group If you travel with a group, then your night stay fares will be less.

Carry warm clothes in Leh Ladakh

To go on a Ladakh trip, you should carry warm clothes according to the time in which you are going on the Ladakh trip. For example, thick jackets, sweaters, hats, warmers, woolen socks, woolen gloves, balaclava (caps worn under the helmet), etc. should be taken with you, especially in the month of September, as it is a bit cold in this time. It seems

If you are going on a Ladakh trip in the month of September, then you must take surgical gloves with you, because wearing them under normal gloves makes the hand feel very cold.

 If you are riding with a group, then you should take ₹ 8000-10000 with you and if you are riding solo, then you should take ₹ 10000-12000 with you, because after Leh you will have to go somewhere ATM will be available, but there is no guarantee that it will work or not, so you should carry extra cash with you from Leh or Manali. 

Total Budget Of Leh-Ladakh Bike Trip

This budget is to complete the Ladakh trip by bike in 15 days. If you complete this trip before/after 15 days, then your budget for the Ladakh trip may increase/decrease.

If you want to complete the Leh-Ladakh trip in 15 days by traveling solo, then your total Leh-Ladakh bike trip budget is ₹22,000-25000 and if you want to complete the Ladakh trip in 15 days by traveling with a group, then your total Leh-Ladakh bike trip budget will be around ₹ 20000-22000.

The preparation of own bike for the Ladakh trip should be as follows as

Which bike should I take?

It would be best to take Royal Enfield for the Leh Ladakh bike trip. It is because the bike is specially made for off-roading and you can feel free to take it anywhere.

Apart from this, you can use all these bikes for the Leh Ladakh bike trip. Like that royal Enfield I Bajaj dominar 400, royal Enfield classic, standard Jawa 42, Benelli Imperiale 400, KTM Duke, Yamaha, Hero X plus 200, Bajaj Avenger cruise 220, etc. Because if there’s any problem altogether these bikes or if any parts are needed, then it’ll be found there easily.

People also take other bikes like Pulsar, NS 200, hero splendor, passion pro, Platina, etc. If you’ve another bike, you’ll take that bike also. Provided that you should take care of all these things on your bike.

You Should Take Care  Of Your Bike

Get your bike serviced a week before going on a Ladakh trip. Your bike should have tubeless tires and they should be in good condition.

If your bike’s tires are not tubeless, then you must carry an extra tube with you. Before going to Ladakh, get the Ladakh carrier set up on your bike so that you do not have any problem tying your luggage.

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