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Processes That You Must Automate In Your Marketing Efforts


Being a marketer means having your feet in multiple boats, including various tasks that must be executed to perfection. For this reason, automating crucial marketing tasks has become more of a necessity than a luxury as it used to be during the early days of email automation. Today, be it your social media posting, paid ads management, or email workflow management, you lose valuable time if you don’t get help from automation services. 

In this article, we will dive deeper into the three components mentioned above of marketing that you can automate for better overall results for your marketing strategy. But before we begin, let’s brush up on the definition of marketing automation. 

Marketing Automation: A Simple Definition 

Suppose we have to put it in the most simple possible words. In that case, marketing automation refers to automating various marketing tasks, including social media posting, PPC management, email marketing, and more, with the help of relevant software solutions. 

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PPC Automation

Maintaining pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is a time-consuming marketing task that can be automated. Your sponsored advertising campaigns can be automated in numerous, varyingly advanced ways. You can easily handle some aspects of your campaigns, such as running time and bid management.  

One area where PPC automation is most frequently used is bid management. PPC bid management entails systematically increasing and decreasing your keyword bids to make the most of your campaign’s budget. Based on the likelihood that your ads will result in hits or any other action that accomplishes your objectives. You can automatically establish bids for your ads.  Moreover, automatic bidding platforms adapt as they go, using information from the results of your campaigns to enhance subsequent bids.

Automating Social Media Posting

It takes a lot of time and energy to consistently get your social messaging across numerous channels simultaneously. It’s ubiquitous these days to use automation to post on social media, from big businesses to influencers. Your time and energy should be entirely devoted to the creative job, which is creating compelling content that converts when engaging in social media activities. Social media automation services, which are proliferating on the market, can handle the remaining tasks. Many automation services provide reporting options in addition to post-scheduling so you can monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your social media posts.  With the help of these observations, you can improve your content strategy over time by learning what kind of content your target audience engages with most frequently and the style that generates the most hits.

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Email Workflow Automation

It is well-known that email automation helped automation become more commonplace. Email is still the finest way to communicate with your leads. Despite the rising popularity of social media and online video in contemporary marketing. You can segment your contacts using email automation based on their behavior and where they are in the sales funnel. The content of your email may then be designed and tailored based on these groups, enabling a more efficient lead-nurturing process.

The best part is that you can plan your emails. So that they are sent out at optimal times and days to increase the likelihood that your prospects will open them. If you want to take it to the next level, you can design email automation workflows to move your lead through the funnel. You can choose triggers to initiate these sequences using automation and CRM solutions like Keap, eliminating manual intervention. You may, for instance, set up a series of automated emails to send to subscribers of your newsletter. Check out the Keap price structure here.

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Now it must be clear where you can start with your marketing automation efforts. When automated, PPC campaigns, and social media posting. Email workflow management can become more effective and yield noticeable results for your overall marketing strategy.

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