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Top Best E Book Libraries of the world

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world

Introduction to E-Book library:

Top Best E-Book Libraries of the world

E-Book Library is an online book store. In these stores, there are thousands of books available that you can excess easily from your home. Mostly these are downloadable and available in pdf forms. So, you can download them from your computer laptop or from your mobile.

Some of the online stores provide books without any charges but there are also some book stores that do not provide free books. So, you need to buy from those online stores. You can pay them through a Bank account or from PayPal.

If you want to purchase the book in the hard form then this is also possible you can print out the book that you want. So, an Online E Book store has many benefits and advantages.

In this article, I will tell you about the Top Best E-Book Libraries in the world. Hopefully, this article will be informative for you.

Top Best E-Book Libraries:

Here is few lists of Top E-Books stores of the world:

Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is one of the biggest E Book stores in the world. There are unique books available in this store. Now Project Gutenberg is offering more than 59000 E-Books. This is a free E Book store so you can easily excess books here. The world’s largest literature is available here. Mostly the collection of this online store is related to the texts of public domains.

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world


Questia is also the top E-Book library in the world. It is basically related to the research papers and scholarly articles. Questia has helped a lot of students in their studies and in their research and educational fields. It provides scholarly research papers that are very beneficial in the research areas.

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world

Z Library:

Z Library is also one of the biggest E-Book libraries in the world. This online E Book store is funded by the California State Library and Kahle/Austin Foundation. Z Library has a big collection of books. Now, this library is offering 5311117 books with 77518212 articles. So, it has a big collection of books. This online E Book store offers both free and paid books. Z Library is free in some countries but also has some limitations in other countries.

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world

Open Library:

Open Library is the biggest online E Book store. It is a nonprofit organization. They have a goal to provide knowledge to every person in the world. There is hope that in the future many other Online E Book stores will join open libraries to complete their mission. So, in this way, the knowledge will spread all over the world.

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world

The Online Books Page:

The online Books page is the online website that provides a facility to its user to access those books that are most frequent on the internet. This website is free to use. So, you can easily use this site to find out books from your laptop or mobile. Their local index is more than 2 million.

online books page

Read Print:

Read print is the free online E Book store that provides a number of books to its users. This library is basically for students, teachers, and class enthusiasts. The collection of this site is more than 8000 books that are available online. So, you can easily exceed them. These books are written by more than 3500 famous authors of the world.

read print

Classic Reader:

The classic reader is the best online E Book store. This E Book store offers thousands of books, poems, short stories, and other many informative books. The authors of these books are:

  • Shakespeare
  • Dickens
  • Austen
  • Edgar Allan Poe

And other many Authors.

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world

Classic Bookshelf:

Classic Bookshelf is one of the top E-Book libraries in the world. This online library offers thousands of classic books. Well, you will not find harry potter stories here but you can get a lot of classic books that contain wonders from earlier years.

classic bookshelf

Chest of Books:

Chest of books is also a big E-Book library. This library offers many books on different topics. The topics of the books are:

  • Art and culture
  • Photography
  • Business
  • Health and fitness
  • Craft
  • Hobby Books

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world

Public Bookshelf:

A public bookshelf is a platform that provides books with creative ideas. This library offers innovative literature that really helps you to enhance your creativity. You can easily access this library and it is free to use.

public bookshelf

Fiction. Us:

Fiction. Us is one of the interesting library stores. You can find novels here. This library contains poetry, plays, and picture books. Their books consist of different chapters so it is easy to read those books.


Public literature.org:

Publicliterature.org showcases some of the great authors all over the world. There are many top authors who use this online E-Book platform to publish their content and their research in general.

Top Best E Book Libraries of the world


Authorama is a completely free E-Book platform that provides a lot of books to its users. It is very easy to access this platform. This book store has a collection of classic literature and books.

 Best E Book Libraries

About this article:

In this article, I have told you about the top E-Book libraries in the world. There are not only limited E-Book platforms. Apart from that, there are also many E Book stores that are present in this world. So, you can also excess those stores online from your home. E-Books are very beneficial to use. You can save your desired books on your mobile phone or on your computer.

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