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What is Freelancing?

what is freelancing


Freelancing is the online earning and learning process. It is contract-based employment in which the client hires the expert for his work from any country and then after that client pays the required amount to the freelancer. As we know this age is the age of technology. So, everything is now available online. We can approach many accessories online in the following ways:

  • Online shopping platforms like Draz, Amazon
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Square space

So, these are all the platforms by which you can buy or sell anything. Now at tats age freelauncing is the most preferable thing because it is very beneficial.

Who introduced freelancing?

The history of freelancing is very simple. This was first introduced in America. Jack NellNellie Frank Schiff was the person who introduced this term.

So in this article, I will tell you about

  • What is Freelancing?
  • Benefits of freelancing
  • Different platforms of freelancing
  • Steps of Freelancing


What is freelancing?

As I told earlier free-lancing is the online earning process. If you are an expert rt in any skill like Graphic designing, Video editing, SEO, Content markMarketinggital marketing, language expert, Affiliate marketing then you can provide these skills on different freelancing platforms. So in this way you earn a handsome amount of income. In freelancing, you, work independently. If I talk about freelancers earning earnings this will separate topic. Freelancers earn a lot of money j based on their skills.

Benefits of Freelancing:

Various benefits of freelancing are given below:

  • Independence of clients
  • Control on workload
  • Relaxation
  • No pressure
  • Handsome earning

Freelauncing always has greater preference over the salary job because of earning point of view. Other than that freelancing requires less effort but it gives a lot of benefits.

Platforms of Freelancing:


Ther are many different ways of freelauncing are mentioned below:


Fiver is one of the best platforms for freelauncing because it is an authentic platform and secure platform. Many of the clients come to fiver to fulfill their needs. So, as a freelancer, you can approach them and enjoy handsome earning.

Up work:

Up wUpworkanother free-lancing platform. This is my favorite platform because it provides a lot of facilities that other platforms provide. Upwork supports his freelancers and provides guidance through e emails arranging seminars, etc. This is a professional platform so, as a professional, I will recommend you Up work.


LinkedIn is also a free-lancing platform. So you can also use LinkedIn to find greater jobs related to free-lancing and you can earn as well. Many jobs are available here so, you can apply on them and enjoy the opportunities.


Well, Facebook is also a free-lancing platform. Many people think that this is just for fun or enjoyment purposes but as a professional, you can approach Facebook as a freelancing or business platform.


Similarly, YouTube is also a free-lancing platform. So, you can generate handsome income by using YouTube as a professional. You can create your YouTube channel and upload your content.

Steps of freelancing:

Here are the different steps of free-lancing:

  • You must be professional in any skill so you approach any client
  • Work on your personality value
  • Work hard
  • Try to be patient
  • Make your nice portfolio
  • Learn some communication skills
  • Give your proper time

By following these steps you can be a successful freelancer. So, you can make your career as well.

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