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what is non advanced education

what is non advanced education

Introduction: (what is non advanced education)

A non advanced education means that the education or any type of course that is not relevant to the advanced education is termed as non advanced education. Basically, this education is the education that is related to a school or college. So, a child who gets that type of education like homeschooling is called full-time non advanced education. This education is normally from below the age of 16.

Full-time non advanced education:

A qualifying young person is one whose age is 16, 17, 18 or 19 and he is in full-time non advanced education and he also approved training. So, it means that person is aged 16 or 17 and he has leftover his full-time non advanced education and is going to register for further more education, work, and for other training careers.

Full-time education in this condition means that the education that consists of 12 hours per week excluding the hours of breaks for lunch and for homework. So, this is the basic meaning of full-time education. But in England, full-time education can also include other than school education. So, here full-time consists of 540 hours in any 12 months period.

Examples of Full-time non advanced education:

  • GCSEs, A level, IGCSEs, Pre U and international Baccalaureate
  • NVQ level 1,2, 3
  • BTEC
  • Traineeship
  • SVQ Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Scottish group awards

We don’t mean the courses or education provided by an employer or as a part-time job. So, this is not our basic meaning.

Approved training:

It means that the person whose age is 16, 17, 18, and 19 and he is in approved training and not getting a contract from any employer. So, it is known as approved training. But training can only be approved if it is provided from one of the following:

  • Scotland: The Employability fund.
  • In Wales: Foundation Apprenticeships and Traineeship
  • Northland: PEACE IV children and young people 2.1, Training for success

Child Benefit for a Young Person:

For Every Young person until the age 20, should stay in full-time nonadvanced education and approved training. So, if a person is in his age of 19, he must be in full-time nonadvanced education and approved training and must have been accepted or enrolled in the course before age of 19.

what is non advanced education

What Happens When a person leaves full-time non advanced education?

If a young person does not take full-time nonadvanced education. Then it will affect his grooming. So, it will leave effects on his life and which is not good. If a young person reaches age 20 before one of these dates your entitlement to child benefit will end away. The date full-time nonadvanced education or approved training ends is the official date the school, college or training provider says it ends.

Who qualifies for Extension?

You need to be qualifying with any of the following qualifying bodies:

  • The local career service.
  • Conations
  • A local authority support service or similar organizations.
  • The ministry of defense.
  • Similar organizations to others in this list in any European economic area.

How to apply?

You can apply online:

Official website: www.gov.uk

By telephonic call to the child benefit helpline.

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