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Where to host your special family events in Dubai marina?

events in Dubai marina?

People work day and night in the Dubai marina for having a luxurious lifestyle. We are getting away from our friends and family. Nothing in the world is as important as family. Interaction among the family makes a stronger bond between each other as well as makes you happier. However, it’s difficult to get leisure time for get-togethers and family Events in Dubai marina. Electronic media has changed lives very much.

Special family events 

Let’s change the mood and get in touch with your friends and family by planning some events or family gatherings. However, family events are an opportunity of spending quality time and share beautiful memories. Hence, this proves to be a benefit in the hectic world. Dubai marina, the artificial canal city offers a variety of beautiful places. We can celebrate special family events there easily. Some of the events are listed below:

  • Birthday party 

Everyone loves to celebrate birthday events as it is the beginning of the new year in one’s life. Celebrate it with your friends and family to double the happiness.

  • Bridal shower

Friends want to wish the bride good luck for the new chapter of life and then they celebrate it as a bridal shower. This makes the friends come closer and enjoy the special day.

  • Wedding ceremony

A wedding is an event when not only a couple but two families get to know each other. They promise to be available in every good and bad time. It offers families to combine at the same time and the same place to share joy.

  • Baby shower

Celebrate the joy of a newborn with friends and family. So, collect and give wishes for the future and safe health to the baby. This type of event can bring happiness to all families.

  • Graduation ceremony

What can be more beautiful than celebrating success with your close ones? It will be a proud moment for everyone in the family. Plan to celebrate the graduation ceremony with your family members as well.


Venues for special events

Now the question arises of where to cater to such events. Dubai marina is full of such places which offer good quality food and catering service. Guests will be satisfied and your special events will go amazing. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Yacht rental Dubai 

Dubai Marina is famous for its yacht charter service. Many different sizes of yachts from 33ft to 220ft having different capacities are available. Some yachts are specialized for special events according to size and shape like lotus mega yacht, Gugu boat, Desert rose yacht, etc. Birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, and graduation ceremonies had a lot of gatherings. A large number of guests are catered to onboard.

Personalized decoration of balloons or flowers is available on demand. You can order customized cakes also. The professional chef cooks delicious food from different cuisines. Whether it is the main course or salads or drinks everything is fresh while serving. The crew will provide a 5-star catering service. If it is your birthday, the team will make the yacht birthday party will be memorable for all the guests. Whereas everyone has plans for the wedding and yacht rental for wedding offers great expertise that will help to make the big event outstanding. The yacht will prove to be best as it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city so no one disturbs the event.

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  1. Mina garden, Weston Mina Seyahi

A unique and luxurious resort, Westin Mina Se Yahi offers a great spacious area for big events. Furthermore, Mina garden is a lush green garden of the resort which proves to be a perfect place for a special day. Moreover, guest satisfaction is on the priority list. A wide range of food cuisines of rich taste is available for the guests. Hence, Mina garden gives beautiful photographs with breathtaking views and beautiful skyline backdrops. Guests are entertained with the best service in the town.

  1. Millennium palace marina

Millennium palace marina, a 4-star hotel offers a modern and unique area. It suits for big events like birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding ceremonies, and anniversaries. Furthermore, the palace provides a big hall for the guests to enjoy the event and make memories. Events can take place at top of the palace along the poolside. Moreover, a proper catering facility is available and guests will have delicious food.

  1. The address, Dubai marina 

It is one of the most exceptional venues which offers an exclusive indoor sitting area. Hence, the hotel is best for intimate gatherings or other big events as well. An indoor ballroom and big halls is having a capacity of 600. Furthermore, the outdoor terrace gives panoramic views of the beautiful waterfront. Moreover, guests enjoy the tasty food and beverages. They will be treated like celebrities and guests will get welcome drinks.

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