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Wild birds unlimited-WBU-Complete Info

wild birds unlimited

Wild birds unlimited is a retail store from where you can get bird feeders of great variety, bird seeds, and other bird food. You can meet all your bird’s related needs there. All the products are made in Rhode Island and are provided with a lifetime warranty. It helps to bring nature close to us and helps to decorate our backyards to attract birds. Was founded by Jim Carpenter for the first time in Indianapolis in 1981. It has more than 300 locations in US and Canada.


Are wild birds unlimited a good franchise?

WBU is a large Franchise system. it’s a great money-making franchise opportunity. The startup cost of a franchise is $40,000. If you are looking to own franchise ownership then you should be enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, and committed.


Products they offer

Products offered by WBU are long-lasting and a lifetime warranty is available on all.

They include:

Birds Feeders

The bird feeder is any apparatus that may be a table or tray to provide food to birds. They are placed outdoors to attract and feed birds. They may be of different kinds such as Cylinder feeders, squirrel proofs, Seed tubes, Nectar feeders, finch feeders, and many others.

No-Mess Blends

An edible blend of seeds with their shells removed so that no debris spreads on the ground to clean up. In this way, you do not have to pay for uneaten seed waste. Moreover, it makes bird feeding easier.

-Seed Cylinder

It is the easiest way of feeding birds. You just have to fill the cylinder once until it is empty. A single 1.75 lb. seed cylinder is enough for around 3 weeks, while a large 4.5 lb. seed cylinder is usually enough for a month.

Bark Butter

It is spreadable suet that can be easily greased on tree bark or a Feeder to attract birds. It is available at Wild Birds Unlimited It is healthy and nutritious for birds.

-Nest Boxes

The nest boxes are designed to all requirements. Good features like proper drainage, and two-way ventilation are available which makes cleaning and monitoring easier.

-Birds Baths and other accessories

A variety of bird baths of different shapes, colors, and designs are available. It provides birds with a place to drink and clean their feathers.


Does wild birds unlimited sale birds?

They don’t sell birds, but you can fulfill all your bird’s related needs from there. WBU is a franchise, so it offers services related to bird accessories like Birds feeders, Seed cylinders, Birdbath dishes, and many more.


In short, it’s a good franchise that provides great benefits to bird lovers. If you are a true nature and bird lover then WBU is the best option to get bird accessories.  They do not compromise the quality of their products. According to customers, their services are very satisfactory. The staff is very friendly and welcoming.

“Everyone here has a passion for the animals and the wildlife,” Says Gunther.

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