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Youtube to Mp3 – Downloader for videos

Youtube to Mp3

Youtube to Mp3 is the largest video-sharing application on the internet. Millions of new videos are uploaded every day. You can find all different kinds of videos. A youtube to mp3 comes in handy if you are looking to extract the audio from a youtube video and convert it into mp3 format.

With one of these tools, you can download a youtube video and convert youtube to mp3 in audio. Some of these tools can support another audio format. Once you have clicked on the audio, you can listen to it even if you are offline, and whenever you want.

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What to need for a youtube to mp3 converter tool?

The internet is flooded with the youtube to mp3 converter tool. But some are worth your time. Here is what you need to consider while choosing a converter tool:

Conversion Speed

Speed matters there is nothing more annoying than a slow download time. If your internet is good, a youtube to mp3 converter should take less time to download and convert and convert three-minute video to mp3.

The speeds of download depending on the length of the video. It is unbelievable to expect a download two hours-long video in a few seconds.

Batch download capabilities

Batch downloading can involve content from multiple links and downloading them. While batch downloads are not necessary requirement, the top converter of youtube to mp3 can choose batch download without compromising speeds

If you have to download multiple files at the same time, then follow this feature. If you have to convert only individual videos, then this feature may not important.

Standards of Security

A good tool converter of youtube to mp3 should be safely used in the device. Unsafe tools can infect your device with adware, and spyware.

The reviews of a user can help you to determine if a tool is safe to use or not safe to use.

Easy to use

A good tool cannot complicate the process of downloading content from youtube. Instead of this, you have to copy and paste a link from youtube and initiate a conversion process without any hassle.

Better still, some tools can integrate directly with youtube and capture content directly on-site. You need to click on the download button that will appear below a youtube video to convert it into a format of mp3.

The tool also indicates how long it will take a process a youtube video by providing an estimate of download speed.


There are many free online converter tools for youtube to mp3. But some hesitate with ads. If you want to avoid ads, then consider a paid version, especially if you have the plan to convert a video on youtube to mp3 on a regular basis.

Make sure to check a feature and the maximum number of downloads can allow per day before choosing a premium converter tool. Some tools have a limit for a daily download, which may not suitable if you are looking for an unlimited download.

Types of converter

There are two main types of converters:

  • Online converter
  • Desktop converter

The online converter tool does not require any process of installation and does not use the storage of your device by using this tool you need to copy and paste a youtube link to convert the video youtube to mp3.

The desktop converter requires an installation process and consumes more space in the device. But they are faster than online tools and can follow batch downloads. The desktop converter can have more security risks, so make sure you trust the tool before downloading it to your device.

Device compatibility

Some converter tools of youtube to mp3 may only work with browsers, operating systems, and devices. For example, A tool that works in Android may not work with ios. So you need to select a tool that is compatible with your device.

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Best video converter of youtube to mp3

Here are recommendations for converter tools for youtube to mp3:

  • YTBsaver
  • YTD video converter and downloader
  • 4k video downloader
  • Snap downloader
  • I Tube Go
  • Video proc
  • YTMP3

Ytb saver


YTBsaver is a tool that makes it easy and safe to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files. With its two-step interface, users can quickly convert YouTube movies and get the MP3 file they want. This YouTube-to-MP3 converter lets you choose from 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps music files. And it works with all the big running systems, like iOS from Apple, Android from Google, and Windows from Microsoft.

Features of YTBsaver

● Convert Long YouTube Videos to MP3

● YouTube to MP3 320kbps

● YouTube Song Converter

● Simple and Fast

● Free and Safe

YTBsaver pricing: Free

youtube to mp3


YTD video converter and downloader

YTD video downloader is a top converter tool of youtube to mp3. It works for popular sites such as youtube, and Facebook. Along with the conversion of youtube to mp3, you can also convert these videos into mp4, 3gp, and WMV.

Features of YTD

  • It has many options for file conversion
  • It works on multiple devices and operating system
  • It can build in a video player
  • It offers a free video downloader
  • It can easily to use

YTD pricing

The YTD video downloader has both free and paid versions. The free version cannot follow a batch download and it comes with aids. The paid version has three plans:

  • One-year plan for $37.92 per year
  • Two years plan for $47.76 per year
  • The two-year plan includes VPN for $95.76
youtube to mp3


4k video downloader

4k video downloader is one of the best converters of youtube to mp3 for Mac. This supports major sites of video such as Tik Tok, Facebook, and youtube.

 Feature of a 4k video downloader

  • It can support 50 languages
  • It supports a high-quality video download, for example, 4k, HD, 8k, and UHD
  • It can build in a proxy setup
  • It can work with popular devices, and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

4k video downloading pricing

4k video downloaders allow installing and trying a free tool. If your free trial is expired, then you have to upgrade it to a paid plan. The paid plan has three features:

  • The personal plan cost $15 and allows up to three simultaneous downloads
  • The pro plan cost $45 and can allow up to seven simultaneous downloads
  • A bundle of the pro plan cost $65 and has all pro plan features plus the application of 4k download.
youtube to mp3


Snap downloader

Snap downloader is a youtube video converter tool that supports 900 sites of video and works with MacOS and Windows.

Feature of snap downloader

  • It supports high-quality video downloads like HD, 4k, 8k, and UHD.
  • It allows the download of youtube playlists, subtitles, and channels
  • It can build in a proxy setup that is used to download geo-restricted content
  • It supports a fast downloader
  • It has great use of the interface
  • It supports a batch download

Snap downloader pricing

Snap downloader allows a user to download and install for free on their devices. It has three paid plans:

  • One year for one computer cost is $19.99 per year
  • A personal lifetime license for one computer cost $29.99 per year
  • A family lifetime license for three computers costs $54.99 per year
youtube to mp3



ITubeGo is a fast converting tool for youtube for Mac and windows that support over 1000 video streaming sites. You can use it for converting youtube videos into audio and downloading high-quality videos up to the resolution of 8k.

Feature of ITubeGo

  • It can support a fast download
  • It supports audio and video conversion in many formats
  • It works with devices and operating system
  • It can build into a browser setup
  • It can support batch downloads

ITubeGo pricing

ITubeGo has a free plan and has a guarantee of 30 days of money bank. It has four paid plans:

  • One month plan for one pc of$9.95 per month
  • One-year plan for one pc of $19.95 per year
  • Lifetime plan for one pc of $29.95
  • Lifetime plan of the family for up to 5 pc of $39.95
youtube to mp3


Video proc

This is a graphic processing unit that accelerated youtube video converter and editing software. It is the best youtube to mp3 converter tool and offers a 47x faster speed than other types of video converters.

Features of a Video proc

  • It supports the audio and video file format
  • It supports over a thousand video sites
  • It can record live videos on youtube
  • It allows a user to convert, download, and edit videos
  • It has an editing feature of Ton, such as rotate, merge, crop, and cut.

Video proc pricing

This tool has a free version that allows you to edit short videos, and convert the videos into audio. Its paid plan comes with a guaranteed offer of 30-day money-back. It has three premium plans:

  • The one-year license of one pc for $29.95
  • Lifetime license of one pc for $42.95
  • The family license of multiple pc for $57.95
youtube to mp3


This a free online converter tool for youtube and conversion of youtube to mp3 and mp4. You don’t have to subscribe and register to convert the videos into audio.

You have to do only copy and paste a video URL. Choose your format, and click on the video conversion button.

Feature of YTMP3

  • It has a fast download speed and conversion speed
  • It works with the operating system and devices
  • It comes with the option of a dark theme
  • It can easily to use   

YTMP pricing

YTMP is a free version that allows editing and converting videos.

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The converter tool of youtube to mp3 provides an efficient and fast way to convert your video file into an audio file.

Some of the tools are free but another tool requires a subscription. Unless they are online and free tools they can be prone to malware, which may affect the performance of your device.

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