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Do us citizens need a visa for Thailand?

Do us citizens need a visa for Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and beautiful cities. If you are planning a trip to Thailand from the USA, then you should know about the visa requirements. Here in this blog post, I will elaborate on “Do US citizens need a visa for Thailand?”

What does that mean for Americans who don’t do research before planning big international tours? In this case, there is not too much to be concerned about. US citizens are automatically given 30 days of free entry at any port by land, sea, or air. They don’t need to show any proof only the original passport with six months’ validity required. However, there are some other cases in which a visa may be required.

Do us citizens need a visa for Thailand?

US citizens can get a 30-day visa arrival without any charge when they first land at Suvarnabhumi. So, if you are a US citizen and you have a US passport with 6 months’ validity then you can enter Thailand for 30 days. Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in terms of tourism. So, people will likely visit again and again after their first trip. According to previous law, as a US citizen, you can reenter Thailand for 6 months without any penalty. But they might ask you some questions! But now the law has been changed and according to new rules and regulations you can only reenter two times in Thailand in a calendar year. There is also another option that go to the immigration office and pay an extra 1900Baht and extend the visa for 30 days.

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Stay is more than 30 days! Now US citizens need visas?

Yes, if you are a US citizen and you are staying more than 30 days in Thailand then you need a visa to stay there. Living and working in Thailand naturally demands different types of requirements than that of tourists. The country offers non-immigrant B visas for those interested, with a whole slew of paperwork needed depending on the type of work and length of stay.

In addition, retirement visas are available to US citizens 50 years and older. However, these types of visas are valid only for one year and do not allow employment of any kind. Applicants usually have to provide proof of their income and savings of around 800,000 baht.

Requirements for US citizens to enter Thailand

Do US citizens need a visa for Thailand? Below are the requirements:

  • Original passport of US residents valid for at least six months
  • Check-in or return ticket within 30 days
  • Cash of approximately 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht for each single family
  • Duly filled in arrival card

Documents required for US citizens to get Thailand visa

As a US citizen, you may require the following documents to apply for a Thailand visa:

  • Original passport valid for 6 months at least
  • Visa application form
  • Round trip air ticket
  • Proof of cash amount of around 10,000 baht per person
  • Recent 4×6 cm photograph
  • Booking confirmation for a hotel or private residence

What is the cost of a tourist visa to Thailand?

The cost varies depending on the type of visa. A single-entry tourist visa can cost 20 USD per application while a multiple-entry tourist visa can cost around 150 – 200 USD per application depending on your nationality. Many embassies accept the payment in your local currency so it is better to confirm from your local embassy.

A Thailand E-visa costs around 82 USD regardless of your nationality. While applying you will make the payment through the e-visa web portal. Remember the payment is nonrefundable. The period to process the Thai visa depends upon the diplomatic office where you submit your application. While some offices claim a 2-day turnaround, others may require more time.


Travel Visa Pro offers a wide variety of expedited passport services for both new applicants and those in need of passport renewals. Some of these services provide a turnaround time of as little as one business day. So, after reading this article you may be able to understand that “Do US citizens need a visa for Thailand?” You can enter Thailand for 30 days having an original US passport!

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