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Was your prior visa annotated clearance received or department authorization?

Was your prior visa annotated clearance received or department authorization

After when you go for USA visa stamping approval, you will get your passport with US visa stamping foil glued inside it. Sometimes you may see some kind of text like company details and other things. But the confusing thing is that when you will see some text like “Clearance received”. So, here in this article, we will discuss whether your prior visa annotated clearance received or department authorization.

Also when you are going to apply for a US visa fill out the DS-160 form or the UATRAVELDOCS portal website. You may face questions like:

  • Was your prior H1B visa annotated “clearance received” or “Department Authorization”
  • Was your prior H4 visa annotated “clearance received” or “Department Authorization”
  • US visa B1/B2 visa with annotation “clearance received”

What is meant by the annotation field in a US visa?

The annotation field in the US visa stamp is for the US consular officer to write additional notes regarding your issued visa. This could include additional details depending on the type of your visa. Also, it can include restrictions and checks done to help CBP officers at the port of entry.

US visa stamp annotated “Clearance received” or “Department Authorization”

In some US visa applicants may get an annotation like “Clearance Received” or Department authorization”. This annotation means the US consular officer has found some issues in your record that may impact the issuance of a US visa to that particular applicant. However, after further checks, the officer believes that the applicant is eligible for a US visa. So, the annotation “Clearance received” means the same.

The annotation “Clearance received” is a message to the CBP officer that the applicant is eligible for a US visa and has a clear record.

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Impact of US visa stamp with the annotation “Clearance received” or “Department Authorization”

Generally, it should be fine that the US Department has all your information captured in the previous verification and vetting process. They will cross-check to make it the same and if there are any new changes related to your security status.

This will not affect your future US visa stamping chances. It indicates that there may be some issue with your name or other details in their system and you may be subjected to a few more questions or screening. So, you should be prepared with all documentation when the question is asked from you.

Sometimes officers may stamp “Cancelled without prejudice” or “CWOP” on your old or valid US visa.

Why would someone get the annotation “Clearance received’ or “Department authorization”?

A few reasons are mentioned below:

  • Sometimes applicant names may match with the most wanted person on their security list
  • Unknown reasons flagged by their national security system
  • Many of these reasons cannot be said because we do not have an idea about it. It is confidential and the US Department doesn’t release any information

The key point to take away is the US Dept.  of State did a thorough check on the applicant and they found that the applicant is good and can be issued a US visa.

DS 160 Application form “Clearance received” or “Department Authorization”

While filling US nonimmigrant visa application form, aka DS 160 form, you may face questions like “Was your prior visa annotated clearance received or department authorization”.

The first thing that you should check is the recent US visa stamp on your passport. If it says the same like “Clearance received” or “Department authorization” then your answer should be YES! If the annotation field is blank or only the applicant’s name is written then you should choose NO.

Your answer should be true exactly according to the visa stamp. You can’t choose the wrong option here. The US consular system already has this information in its record. If you provide wrong information and wrong answers then you will be penalized for stating the wrong information on the DS 160 form.


When your visa stamp is issued after 221(g) admin processing, you will see an annotation “Clearance received” or “Department authorization”. It means that the US embassy contacted USCIS or another security agency to check on your name for more necessary details.

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