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The Truth Behind the ‘What Killed Barney?’ TikTok Trend!

What Killed Barney


TikTok has become a hub for various trends and challenges, capturing the attention of millions of users worldwide, and one recent trend that has sparked users’ interest is the question, “What killed Barney the Dinosaur?” After searching for an answer, people have been sharing their reactions on TikTok, but what happened to the beloved children’s character? In this article, we’ll look into the origins of the trend and learn what happened to Barney.

Understanding the TikTok Trend:

After viewers responded to the original snippet of the fake article, the TikTok trend about Barney’s alleged death grew more popular. The false information that Barney had been brutally murdered surprised and outraged many TikTokers. They recorded their faces before and after looking up “What murdered Barney?” on Google, demonstrating the striking difference in their facial expressions. As additional users joined in to post their reactions, the trend began to spread across the network.

Barney the Dinosaur: Who was he?

Let’s first take a look at Barney the Dinosaur before delving into the causes of the viral movement. Sheryl Leach invented the character Barney in 1987, and he soon gained popularity among kids all around the world. The persona was well renowned for his upbeat outlook, memorable tunes, and endearing disposition. From 1992 to 2009, the program, which was titled Barney & Friends, ran on television for kids.

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The Thanksgiving Parade Incident:

An article claiming that Barney was stabbed to death by the New York City Police Department in November 1997 was one of the top results that users found when searching for what killed Barney. This information is false, though. The incident mentioned in the article occurred in 1997 during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when strong winds forced the police to collapse a huge inflatable Barney balloon. The balloon was getting out of control and may now endanger the spectators. Almost 29 million people have watched the deflation incident video on YouTube, which attracted a lot of attention.

Clarifying the Misconception:

It’s important to remember that Barney is still alive in real life. The misleading information about Barney’s death came from the documentary I Love You, You Hate Me, which examined the phenomenon of Barney becoming the subject of hatred. The documentary centered on the threats to death that Barney’s actor, Bob West, and the rest of the show’s cast and crew received as a result of the show’s popularity. West acknowledged receiving sexually explicit and violent emails, some of which contained death threats. Yet, the actor was the target of these threats, not Barney the character.

The Balloon’s Fate:

In actuality, the Thanksgiving parade’s Barney balloon—rather than the actual character—met a tragic end. A gust of wind tore open the balloon, forcing the New York Police Department to step in and take it down to protect the people. Despite the balloon’s demise, Barney the Dinosaur is still very much a part of fans’ hearts.

Why Was Barney Retired by the Creators?

The decision to cease the character’s appearance on Barney & Friends was made for several reasons. The target audience for the show, young children, were growing up and developing other interests, which was one of the main causes. The show’s makers believed that it was time to put a stop to it because it had reached its peak.

The negative feedback the program received from some reviewers was another factor in their decision to retire Barney. Some people believed that the program lacked sufficient educational value for kids and was overly simplistic. The program was also criticized for being highly marketed, with Barney products overrunning toy shops nationwide.

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What is Barney now doing?

The persona of Barney virtually vanished from the public eye after the end of Barney & Friends. Nonetheless, many people who grew up watching the show still have warm memories of him.

There have been whispers about Barney’s potential comeback in recent years. Nevertheless, neither the show’s creators nor HIT Entertainment, the company that owns the Barney name, have made any official statements.


“What killed Barney?” question, Users have been curious about and astonished by the TikTok craze. Yet it’s important to distinguish between fact and fantasy. The beloved character Barney is not canonically dead, despite the actor who played him receiving abuse and death threats. The misinformation in an article about the deflation of an inflatable Barney balloon during the 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gave rise to the fad. Before drawing judgments, it is important to look further and learn the truth behind any trend that has gone viral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Barney the Dinosaur die?

No, the beloved children’s character Barney the Dinosaur did not pass away. A misreading of an article gave rise to the rumors of Barney’s demise. In truth, an inflated Barney balloon that was part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1997 had to be destroyed by the New York City Police Department after it became out of control.

Why did the TikTok trend ‘What killed Barney the Dinosaur?’ become popular?

The stunning story that Barney was fatally murdered by the cops gave rise to the TikTok craze asking “What killed Barney the Dinosaur?” TikTokers started recording their responses both before and after looking for information about Barney’s purported demise, which caused the fad to go viral and cause general confusion.

What was the documentary ‘I Love You, You Hate Me’ about?

I Love You, You Hate Me, a documentary about the Barney & Friends cast and crew describes the criticism they experienced after the show aired. It looks at the phenomenon of “Barney Bashing,” in which people showed extreme animosity towards the show and its lead character. The documentary illustrates the detrimental effects this had on the people involved.

Did the actor who played Barney receive death threats?

Certainly, those who hated the show sent death threats and threatening notes to Bob West, the guy who performed Barney’s initial voice. In interviews, West has discussed the graphic content and threats to his life contained in some of the emails he received.

What lessons can be learned from the TikTok trend?

The TikTok craze surrounding Barney’s reported demise emphasizes how crucial it is to double-check facts and conduct a thorough analysis of information. It serves as a reminder that incorrect information can spread quickly, causing complications and misunderstandings. The trend also highlights the influence pop culture icons have on our society and the emotional attachments fans have to these characters.

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