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5 Ways to Study for the MOCA-Peds Exam


If you want to become a pediatrician, one thing you should do is pass your MOCA-Peds exam. In order to get certified. This is a test that was introduced by the American Board of Pediatrics, also known as the ABP. To give students an option for completing their required MOC, maintenance of certification, and examination. Overall, providing medical care to children is a very serious healthcare industry, and this test is in no way easy. Below are five ways to study to prepare for the MOCA-Peds assessment.

Use the Content Outline of the MOCA-Peds to Study

One strong strategy to deploy is to study using the content outline provided for the MOCA-Peds. This content outline is provided online by the American Board of Pediatrics. Overall, this is a clear overview of exactly what kind of content will be covered by the test. Take it very seriously. However, make sure the content outline you study from is the one updated for the current year. Trends in pediatrics change and evolve over the years. The American Board of Pediatrics takes this into account and will update their test as well as the content outline based on what are the most current and most accepted medical treatments for children.

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Work on Your Vocab

One thing you should be aware of is that a large portion of the MOCA-Peds assessment will regard pediatrics-related medical vocabulary. While you may not necessarily be quizzed directly on it, having a strong medical vocabulary will be instrumental to understanding the text you will be presented with when taking the exam. The test takers assume that competent pediatricians will have a masterful understanding of these terms. If you have trouble remembering new vocabulary after simply looking up the definitions in question. You should consider studying with vocabulary flash cards. Flash cards are one of the most reliable methods for making sure your brain. Remembers the exact definition of each term studied.

Use Practice Exams

Another excellent way to study is to utilize practice exams. Practice exams will help give you a better idea of exactly the kind of material. That will be covered in the actual MOCA-Peds exam. Equally important will be the fact you will learn what material. you know rather well and what material you need improvement on to perform well on the test. This can help better guide what you spend your time studying on so you actually shore up your weaknesses instead of only reviewing content you already excel at. It can do a better job of actually raising your score than many other study techniques.

Utilize a MOCA-Peds Study Guide and Test Companion

Another choice you have for studying for the ABP MOCA Peds exam is to obtain a third-party study guide and test companion. Such a study guide will help focus your studies on what material the test is likely to focus on itself. Many such study guides are updated every year to ensure. They provide students with the most up-to-date and accurate study material possible. In specific, such a study guide will be driven by information put out by the American Pediatrics Board itself. This will include specific readings featured by the ABP as well as learning objectives specified by the ABP. Some topics of the test change every year. However, those are put out by the ABP each year as well and give study guides a chance to adapt to the new material.

Study Using the ABP’s Featured Readings

Something you should be aware of as a pediatrics student is that the American Board of Pediatrics releases. A list of featured readings for pediatrics students every year to use to study for the MOCA-Peds exam. The 2022 MOCA-Peds featured readings list includes general categories such as general pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, pediatric emergency medicine, and so forth. Topics are then listed under these general categories such as healthy beverages. Consumption in early childhood and guidance regarding toilet training refusal. While there are a lot of items listed in most years. It’s smart to make sure you are familiar with each item listed when preparing for the exam.


Overall, the test will be exceedingly difficult. Use all the study tools at your disposal to ensure that you pass. This should include things like study guides, practice exams, vocabulary flashcards, the ABP featured readings list and the ABP content outline.

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