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AAT level 2 – training in Birmingham

AAT Level 2

The abbreviation of AAT is Association of Accounting Technicians. AAT level 2 has the leading role in accountancy. It is the initiative of the accounting career. The three levels of accounting are given below:

  • Foundation
  • Advanced
  • Professionalism

Why you should choose AAT?

If you choose AAT then this will be a very good choice. You can start your own new career in AAT as an accounting professional. There are 130000 members of AAT all around the world. So, members of AAT are present in 100 different countries. As a professional, you can choose AAT and you can excel in the accounting field as well. A lot of benefits of AAT facilitates accountants. Professionals can increase their earnings and they can also save their money by the rewards of AAT.

AAT Training in Birmingham:

In Birmingham, KBM has the honor of preparing many students in accounting and finance. So, KBM Birmingham helps the candidates in gaining certificates of AAT Level 2 foundation. Top trainers and highly qualified accountants guide the students and prepare them for the exams and assessments. Level 2 is the classroom learning program. Trainers check the strong and weak points of the candidates so they can analyses them. AAT Level 2 training program includes a Zero advisor certification short course program.

Different Routes Of AAT Level 2:

AAT Foundation certificate Level 2:

This foundation provides quality accountants in the field of finance administration. Candidates learn finance, accounting communication, and speaking skills as well. You can learn to use accounting software here and its proper use. The units of this training session are given below:

  • Transaction of bookkeeping
  • Controls about bookkeeping
  • Different costing elements
  • Proper use of accounting software’s
  • Professional in finance

AAT Foundation in Bookkeeping Level 2:

This is the beginner-level full training process. So, You can become a professional accountant after this training. As they provide a lot of facilities and opportunities here. Because KBM helps their candidates in passing the units of bookkeeping level2. The units of bookkeeping level 2 are given below:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Bookkeeping controls


After completing the AAT training process, there are many opportunities in accounting and finance. Candidates can avail the following opportunities:

  • Administrator in accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • PayPal clerk
  • Clerk in receivable accounts
  • Sales clerk
  • Purchase ledger clerk

These are not limited here. An accountant can also pursue in other many fields and lot of opportunities are present for accountants.

How to join the AAT Birmingham Training program:

You can be a part of the AAT foundation if you have enough working experience. If you are an expert in accounting and you have good skills as well then you should apply for AAT. You should have relevant working experience and a proper grip on your field then you can join AAT and become a member of AAT. Normally AAT level 2 required 1 year to complete training but you can also complete it in 6 months if you work hard for it. AAT can give you a bright future. So, confidently join AAT and start your bright career as well.

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