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Al Nahda Park Sharjah – Detailed Overview And Guide For Visitors

Al Nahda Park Sharjah

Al Nahda Park Sharjah is located in the center of the Al Nahda surrounding area of Sharjah. This park is one of the best tourist attractions in Sharjah. It is a wonderful place for tourists to enjoy here with their friends or family. If you are planning to go outside to spend time with your family and you also have kids. So, the Al Nahda Park Sharjah is the best place to visit. There are a lot of things here for kids to play. Here in this post, I will tell you about the beauty, attractions, and amazing things about Al Nahda Park. Hopefully, this post will be informative for you.

Look at the History of Al Nahda Park

Actually, Al Nahda in Dubai and Al Nahda in Sharjah are connected by the Al Nahda Bridge. This city is distinguished by its unique location. The literature meaning of Al Nahda is “The Awakening” It is bounded to the north by route E11 (Al Ittihad Road) and to the South by local road 204(Road). Al Nahda is comprised of two subdomains; Al Nahda 1 and Al Nahda 2.

What are the timings of Al Nahda Park Sharjah?

Below is the Al Nahda opening timings:

  • 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

What to do in Al Nahda Park Sharjah?

As Nahda Park is the biggest park in Sharjah still visitors can find a lot of attractions here. There are a lot of fun activities to do. Kids can play with swings, slides, and other many things. One of the main attractions of Al Nahda Park is the soccer field and basketball court. It makes this place the perfect place for sports. The park also offers walking tracks for those who like to walk.

The beautiful thing about the park is that it is wheelchair accessible which ensures that everyone can enjoy the facilities of the park. This park is a very good place for kids to play because of its playgrounds. Its playgrounds include swings, slides, and other equipment for play.

It also offers picnic tables that make it a great place for families to enjoy a picnic party. Tourists can also take advantage of the public restrooms which provide clean places to use the restroom.

Moreover, in addition to the soccer field, basketball court, and kids’ playground it also has a volleyball court. So, having all these facilities Al Nahda is the best place for the families to spend their time. You can also relax outdoors as the park has something for everyone. Below are the amenities that are available in Al Nahda Park:

  • Outdoor Fitness Stations
  • Kids Playgrounds
  • Picnic tables
  • Basketball courts
  • Bike rental or Pedal kart

More Nearby Attraction

The surrounding attractions of Al Nahda Park allow visitors to experience the cultural beauty. The nearest attraction is the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. It is just 10 minutes away from the park. Here in this museum, you can experience Islamic culture, civilization, and Scientific achievements.

Another attraction near Al Nahda Park is the Al Qasba Entertainment Center. If you drive through a car, then it is just 15 minutes away from the park. Here you can do shopping, dining, and cultural events. Visitors can also enjoy other attractions like boat rides, restaurants, and cafes.

Al Majaz Waterfront is another nearby attraction; located 10 minutes away from the park. This area offers a range of recreational activities which includes a Boat Ride, Water sports, and a landscape for picnicking and relaxing. You can also enjoy the restaurants and cafes.

How to plan your trip to Al Nahda Park?

If you are looking to plan your trip to Al Nahda Park, then do not worry we have the best guide for you. Below are the schedules mentioned for you to arrange the Al Nahda Park tour:


07:00 AM: Arrive at Al Nahda and Rent a Bike

08:00 AM: Explore the park on two wheels

09:00 AM: Do the exercises and workout in the outdoor fitness station

10:00 AM: Enjoy the picnic party with your family

11:00 AM: Play the game on the basketball court

12:00 PM: Jogging or walking on the jogging/walking track

01:00 PM: Allow your kids to play in the kids playing ground

02:00 PM: At the end return the bike

In The END

I just want to say that Al Nahda Park is not only a park it is the best place for those who are seeking outdoor refreshments or families who are looking for peace from the rush of the city life. So, if are bored of your hectic routine, Al Nahda Park is the best option for you to visit and enjoy with your family or friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to rent a bike in Al Nahda Park?

Rent a bike in Al Nahda Park costs around 50 AED deposit and 20 AED/Hour.

Are there refreshments available at Al Nahda Park?

There are no unlimited refreshments available. So, bring your own snacks and drinks.

What is the best time to visit Al Nahda Park?

The best time to visit Nahda Park is early in the morning or in the evening. Because at that time the weather will be cool.

What type of facilities does Al Nahda Park offer?

The park offers a wide range of outdoor activities along with indoor activities. Like kids play area, basketball court, volleyball court, Fitness area, walking track, and bike or pedal cart rental.

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