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Jumeirah Beach nearest metro station – All you need to know

Jumeirah Beach nearest metro station

Jumeirah Beach is known for its beauty and nice location.   It is one of the best and most wonderful attractions in Dubai. People from all over the world came here to experience the beauty and luxury lifestyle. It just looks like heaven for both local and international visitors. Jumeirah Beach nearest metro station is one of the peaceful places in Dubai. Do you want to know how to go to Jumeirah Beach by metro? Here in this post, I will try to answer this question. Hopefully, this post will be informative for you.

Way to go to Jumeirah Beach nearest metro station

If we talk about the distance between Jumeirah Beach from Dubai, is around 24 kilometers. It depends upon you how you like to go to Jumeirah beach. If you choose a taxi, then it will require less time to travel. But if you choose the metro bus then it will require more time. Also if you go by taxi this can be more expensive for you than the metro. But a taxi will help you in saving your time. As the metro needs to also pick up other passengers from the road it will not be time-saving for you. In the end, it depends upon you from which you want to travel.

What is the best time to go to Jumeirah Beach?

As all know Dubai is a desert place and sometimes here the weather is too hot and sometimes the weather is cold. But too much coldness does not come here. At the end of October month, the weather starts changing here and a cool breeze starts blowing. So, tourists from all over the world come here to book different tours like desert safari, yacht, burj khalifa, palm Jumeirah, and other many tours.

So, according to my opinion if you want to come to Jumeirah Beach then November or December can be the best months to go. The best view of Jumeirah will give you a warm welcome and I am sure that you will enjoy your tour very much.

Best things to do in Jumeirah Beach

There are a lot of things to do in Jumeirah. Below is a list of a few things that you can do for your fun:

  • Relax on the beach side
  • Swimming in the Arabian Gulf
  • Water sports
  • Walk at Jumeirah Beach residences
  • Yacht club at Dubai Marina
  • Kite beach
  • Jumeirah beach park
  • Dine at beachfront restaurants
  • Sunset watching
  • Attend the events and festivals

Final Words

In conclusion, Jumeirah Beach nearest metro station is one of the best attractions in Dubai. It is one of the best and most wonderful places where you can have a lot of fun and adventure. Planning a tour to Dubai should contain a tour to Jumeirah beach. It is the best way to enjoy with your friends or family. If you are seeking adventure, relaxation or both Jumeirah Beach is the best destination for you.

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