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Instagram Widget for website-How to create?

Instagram Widget for website

As competition in the online space is getting intense, improving website visuals is necessary. And therefore, brands are now looking to add images and visual-based content to their respective websites. So they bring some liveliness and visual appeal. (Instagram Widget for website)

Where many methods often require time or high-grade coding. And hence brands are opting to add the Instagram widgets to their website. The Instagram widget is like a functional block on the website, allowing users to display the Instagram feed easily. The feed consists of images, videos, and more, therefore helping sites to have that charm.

There are various ways on how to embed Instagram feed on  website. But for your ease, we have filtered 2 methods that do not demand much time, provide some outstanding results and are pocket friendly.

How To Effortlessly Embed Instagram Widget On Website?

There are various ways to embed Instagram widget on a website, but the methods provided below are the simplest and most manageable ways to do it. These methods do not even require coding skills or knowledge and are known for delivering excellent results.

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1. Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help users collect social media feeds from various social media platforms. So, they enable users to curate and customize the collected feed and display them beautifully on the website.

There are ample social media aggregators currently present on the internet, so you can explore them and use the one that best suits your needs. These tools provide a dedicated Instagram widget that helps to display Instagram feeds without hampering your website performance.

To embed the Instagram widget on the website using social media aggregator, you need to collect the feed for your widget using your desired tool, copy the embedding code, and paste it onto the website’s backend.

Social media aggregators simplify the embedding process and provide useful features that make this strategy more efficient and add value to these tools.

2. Using Instagram embedding code

If you want to avoid using any tool for your website and have enough time to invest in finding the appropriate post for your website, you can adopt this method. Because Instagram provides an embedding code for each of its posts that you can easily find.

To embed these posts on your website, all you need to do is, copy the embedding code and paste it onto the backend of your website. And that’s it; you will own the website that displays Instagram feeds.

But you need to follow the same procedure every time you want to display the feed, and also, you cannot customize the widget as per your need like you can in the social media aggregators.

Over To You…

The Instagram widget has the potential to take your business, and online stature to the next level as the widget helps you to extract maximum benefits from the platform. So, by following the methods mentioned above, you can now easily embed the Instagram widget on the website and enjoy the different benefits. So what is stopping you now? Add an Instagram widget now, and watch your business grow.

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