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Outpass UAE – Requirements, Eligibility, and all that you need to know

Outpass UAE

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, Arabic cuisine, and desert safari. As we all know Dubai is a very beautiful place for tourism and business as well. But do you have any idea that Dubai also has very strict laws and regulations? It is a must for every resident in Dubai to obey the laws and rules of the UAE. If anyone violates any single, the government of UAE will immediately take action against that person. UAE has policies of fines, so that person will be finned according to his/her violation. Well here in this post we will try to understand the Outpass UAE. What it is and when is it issued? Also, the requirements of outpass. So stay with us!

A brief overview of the outpass UAE

If you are living in Dubai and you have a visit visa of 2 months. After the completion of 2 2-month period, you must leave the country. But if you do not leave and stay here in Dubai then the government will put an overstayfine on you. Then an outpass will be given to you before leaving. So, outpass UAE is basically an exit permit that you will need before leaving the UAE.

Not only in case of a visit visa, but whether you have any type of visa if you will overstay then the govt will put a fine upon you. Then you will need an outpass to leave. In case of visa expires same rule will be applicable. You cannot fly out of the country without having an outpass or leaving permit.

Cost of overstay fine in UAE

Well, it is important to know about the cost of overstay fines in UAE if you are going or living in Dubai. Before for the first time, you may forget about your visa expiry date. So the cost of the overstay fine is 50AED/day.

But on a visit visa, you will be awarded by 10-day grace period. After the completion of the grace period, your overstay fines will be started.

What are the consequences of getting an outpass?

It is recommended to resolve all your issues and pay the fines here in UAE, then you do not need an outpass UAE. But if in case something bad happens to you then the consequences of an overstay fine can be dangerous for you.

  • You will be permanently banned from the UAE
  • You will be put on the backlist
  • You will not be able to travel again in UAE

When you can apply for a UAE outpass?

If your visa has expired and you have forgotten about your expiry date. Additionally, you don’t have enough amount to pay your overstay fine. Then the outpass facility will be provided to you. You can get the outpass at the airport or from the immigration office.

They will scan your eyes and give you the outpass, then you can fly out from the UAE. But the question here is can you come again to UAE after getting outpass? The answer is a BIG NO! I have mentioned the results of the outpass in the previous heading.

Requirements for UAE Outpass (Main Categories)

Below are the categories mentioned that need an outpass UAE and also the requirements:

For an Entry permit or Residency visa

  • Copy of your travel ticket
  • 2 personal photographs of the sponsored person
  • Original and a photocopy of passport

If you lost your passport

  • Copy of your passport
  • A lost letter from the police
  • Sponsored passport or travel documents from the embassy
  • 2 personal photographs of the sponsored person

Requirements for newborn

  • Original and copy of father’s and mother’s passport
  • Birth certificate for child
  • The child’s passport or travel document from the embassy
  • Father requested a letter for the passport to be issued
  • Copy of travel ticket

Guide to how to apply for Outpass UAE!

Below are the steps mentioned to how to apply for outpass uae:

For violation of Residency visa

Simply put the request through the GDRFA website. Below are the 6 easy steps:

  • Create an account and log in to the website
  • Choose the required service
  • Submit the desired documents
  • Pay the fee
  • Apply

Request put up through AMER center

There is another option that you can put up a request through the AMER center. It is a Dubai typing center that helps you in the process of applying for an outpass. Simple 6 steps to apply through AMER center are mentioned below:

  • Choose one of AMERS service center
  • Choose the service from the reception
  • Submit the required documents
  • Pay the charges for the application
  • Apply

What if you lost your passport? Complete procedure!

If you lost your passport then you can follow the following steps:

  • Candidate should be present for the avail
  • Submit the application for a service provider
  • Pay the fees
  • Apply

Validity of an Outpass UAE

According to the rule after getting your outpass, it is mandatory that you must leave the country within 10 Days. But if in case you don’t leave the country the UAE government will take action against you again. So, to avoid any danger you should leave within 10 Days.

End words

So, finally, we have covered the topic of “Outpass UAE” I just tried to elaborate on all the main facts about the outpass including validity, requirements, procedure to apply, and consequences of outpass.

I wish you have safe journey while traveling to UAE, Dubai. Keep remembering your visa expiry date to avoid overstaying fine. I am sure that after reading this post you will be satisfied and there will be nothing remaining in your mind. But still, if you have any questions regarding outpass you can ask me in the comment section. I will try to answer you as soon as possible. So, we will meet again in the next blog post. Bye For Now!

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