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why classical education is bad

why classical education is bad

What is classical education?

Classical education is just like the education in the museum that contains many beautiful rooms. Classical-educational systems consist of three parts:

  • Its initial stage consists of observing facts. So, in the starting students normally observe facts
  • In the next stage, the students learn with questioning.
  • In the final stage, students express themselves.

This pattern is also called the trivium.

Why is classical education bad?

Some people do not like classical education because they think that it creates a division between educations. So, they have the mentality that this system divides education. Another reason is its difficulty level. Many people think that it is difficult to learn classical education. So, they reject classical books. Classical education does not offer specialization. It means that you cannot move much forward in this system. It offers no specific courses or any type of professionalism. So, from a career point of view, this system is not recommendable.

Well in this type of education, another loss is that you may lose your first national language. Because classical type education contains Greek, Latin, and other languages. So, if your first language is English then you may lose it and your approach to the first language will be changed. As pursuing in classical type educational system you will face deficiencies in Mathematics and science subjects. Because the classical educational approach is the ancient approach, it does cover math and science. The classical curriculum is also very rigid.

Another reason is that the standard for the students like the criteria for the students is perfection. So, for the students who are not perfect in their education, this system does not accept them which is unfair. Some other religious points also matter in the classical educational system. So, these are all the reasons behind the rejection of the classical system.

Why classical education is good?

Where people reject this system there are also some people who support this system in its favor. They think that this system encourages the students. This system reaches the students in a very unique way. In this system, you can learn many types of research. So, you can get a huge amount of knowledge. Centuries of results of the study you can find here. Yes, it is true you cannot get specialization here but you can get useful information and apply them in different fields. So, in this way you can convey your knowledge and skills to the next generation. This system is a very broad educational system. So there is a number of opportunities for personalization. The classical educational model is the entertaining process of education. Because there is a number of dramas, TV shows, and movies that are based on ancient stories.


Well, classical education is a very broad educational system. People have different visions about this educational model. Some people think that it is good and some think that it has some drawbacks. But if you pursue this system you can learn and get many useful things and also apply them in other fields.

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