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Burj Khalifa Light Show and Dubai Wellspring Show Times + Ideal Survey Spots

Burj Khalifa Light Show

In the core of Dubai’s sparkling horizon stands an engineering wonder that has caught the world’s creative mind – the Burj Khalifa. This transcending structure, penetrating the sky at a stunning 828 meters, isn’t just a designing victory yet additionally a material for perhaps of the most marvelous light show on earth. The Burj Khalifa Light Show is a demonstration of human inventiveness and innovativeness, changing a generally notorious milestone into an entrancing presentation of light, variety, and development.

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Dubai Wellspring Timings

Dubai, a city prestigious for its excessive shows and spectacular attractions, is home to the incredibly popular Dubai Wellspring. This hypnotizing water and light show, set against the scenery of the notable Burj Khalifa, is a demonstration of Dubai’s obligation to glory and development. In this aide, we’ll dive into the timings of the Dubai Wellspring, guaranteeing you can design your visit to observe this remarkable scene.

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Everyday Shows:


The Dubai Wellspring offers various shows over the course of the day, giving sufficient chances to guests to encounter its quality.

Evening Shows (Aside from Fridays): At 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM, visitors can partake in an early showcase of the wellspring’s arranged presentation.

Evening Shows: From 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, the Dubai Wellspring amazes crowds each half-hour with its enrapturing water dance and synchronized music.

Friday Shows


Fridays, being a critical day off and relaxation in the UAE, highlight expanded timings for the Dubai Wellspring.

Evening Shows: At 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM, guests can partake in a lengthy evening show.

Evening Shows: The night shows go on from 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM, guaranteeing that guests have adequate chance to observe this unprecedented presentation.

Note: It’s prudent to check the authority Dubai Wellspring plan for any updates or exceptional occasions that could influence the timings.

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Best Times to Visit


The best opportunity to encounter the Dubai Wellspring can shift in view of individual inclinations and the general experience you want.

Evening Spectacle: The night shows, beginning from 6:00 PM, offer a unique showcase with the stunning city lights behind the scenes, making a stupendous visual encounter.


Nightfall Wizardry: The late evening shows at 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM, however a takeoff from the ordinary night exhibitions, offer a remarkable involvement in the sun projecting a warm shine on the water.


Friday Night Enjoyment: On the off chance that you’re searching for a lengthy and comfortable experience, Friday nights, with shows running until 11:30 PM, are great for a casual trip.

Burj Khalifa light show timings

Dubai’s notable Burj Khalifa, transcending at 828 meters, is a demonstration of human resourcefulness and design ability. Past its great level, the Burj Khalifa is likewise well known for enamoring light shows change the night sky into a material of varieties. In this aide, we’ll uncover the timings of the Burj Khalifa light show, guaranteeing you don’t miss this stunning presentation during your visit to Dubai.

Daily Scene

The Burj Khalifa light show is a daily event that charms observers with its stunning presentation of lights and varieties.

Workdays (Sunday to Wednesday): The show happens two times daily, at 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM. This gives sufficient chances to guests to observe the display.


Ends of the week (Thursday to Saturday): On ends of the week, the Burj Khalifa amazes with three shows, at 8:00 PM, 9:30 PM, and 11:00 PM. These drawn-out timings offer extra opportunities for visitors to encounter the wizardry.


Kindly note that while these timings are standard, it’s prescrib to check with the authority Burj Khalifa site or neighborhood hotspots for any updates or exceptional occasions that could influence the timetable.

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Modified Festivals

The Burj Khalifa light show is known for its versatility to various events and festivities, making it a dynamic and consistently evolving display.

New Year’s Eve: During one of the world’s most excessive New Year’s Eve festivities, the Burj Khalifa becomes the overwhelming focus. The light show counts during the time to the new year in a blast of variety and energy, drawing a huge number of watchers from around the globe.

UAE Public Day and Extraordinary Occasions: The light show is redone to mirror the subject and mind-set of different critical occasions, giving recognition to the rich social legacy of the Assembled Bedouin Emirates.


Where might I at any point watch the wellspring show in Dubai?

You can watch the Dubai Wellspring show from a few vantage focuses around the Burj Khalifa Lake. Here are the absolute best spots:


Dubai Shopping center Waterfront Promenade:

This is one of the most well-known spots to watch the Dubai Wellspring. The promenade offers an immediate perspective on the wellspring and is encircled by cafés and bistros, making it an incredible spot to partake in the show while having a feast or a beverage.


Souk Al Bahar:

This conventional Bedouin commercial center is found right close to the Dubai Shopping center and offers a special viewpoint of the wellspring. It has roomy patios where you can watch the show while partaking in a dinner or some espresso.



This upscale eatery and parlor is situated on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, offering an extravagant feasting experience with unmatched perspectives on the city, including the Dubai Wellspring. Reservations are suggested.


Burj Park:

Arranged at the foundation of the Burj Khalifa, Burj Park gives a phenomenal vantage highlight both the Burj Khalifa Light Show and the Dubai Wellspring. It’s an incredible spot to loosen up on the grass and have fun.


Dubai Drama Nursery:

The Dubai Show is an engineering work of art situated in the core of Downtown Dubai. The nursery region offers a dazzling perspective on the Dubai Wellspring against the scenery of the Burj Khalifa.



This drifting stage stretches out into the Dubai Wellspring, offering an extraordinary and very close perspective on the water show. It’s a superb spot for photography fans.


TGI Fridays Patio:

Situated in the Souk Al Bahar, TGI Fridays has a porch that ignores the Dubai Wellspring. It’s a more easygoing choice for partaking in the show while feasting.



This Thai eatery, is situated at the Royal Residence Downtown lodging. It offers a delightful perspective on the Dubai Wellspring from its patio. It’s an extraordinary spot for a heartfelt supper with a view.

All the more Regularly Posed Inquiries on the Midtown Dubai Wellsprings and Burj Light Show

What are the Midtown Dubai Wellsprings?


The Midtown Dubai Wellsprings, otherwise called the Dubai Wellspring. These are a dazzling water and light show situated at the foundation of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure. It is perhaps of the most well-known fascination in Dubai.

How frequently do the Dubai Wellsprings perform?


The Dubai Wellsprings play out various times every day, with shows planned for the evening and night. The timetable remembers shows each half-hour for the night.

Are there any unique shows or occasions at the Dubai Wellsprings?


Indeed, the Dubai Wellsprings frequently include extraordinary exhibitions. During critical occasions and festivities, like New Year’s Eve and UAE Public Day.

What is the best chance to watch the Dubai Wellspring show?


The night shows, beginning from 6:00 PM, are particularly well known as they offer a unique presentation against the background of the city’s sparkling lights. Nightfall shows and Friday night shows likewise give special encounters.

Is there a confirmation expense to watch the Dubai Wellspring show?


No, there is no affirmation expense to watch the Dubai Wellspring show. It is an allowed to-go to public fascination.

Where is the best spot to watch the Dubai Wellspring show?


The Dubai Wellspring can be seen from different vantage focuses around the Burj Khalifa Lake. Well known spots incorporate the Dubai Shopping center Waterfront Promenade, Souk Al Bahar, Atmosphere eatery, Burj Park, and others.

What is the Burj Khalifa Light Show?


The Burj Khalifa Light Show is a daily exhibition that changes the Burj Khalifa into a material of light and variety. It supplements the Dubai Wellspring show, making a hypnotizing experience for guests.

When does the Burj Khalifa Light Show occur?


The Burj Khalifa Light Show happens consistently after nightfall. On work days (Sunday to Wednesday), there are two shows at 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM. On ends of the week (Thursday to Saturday), there are three shows at 8:00 PM, 9:30 PM, and 11:00 PM.

Are there any exceptional subjects for the Burj Khalifa Light Show?


Indeed, the Burj Khalifa Light Show frequently integrates exceptional topics during critical occasions and festivities. For instance, during New Year’s Eve, the show is celebratory and merry, counting during the time to the new year.

Is there a charge to watch the Burj Khalifa Light Show?


No, similar to the Dubai Wellspring show, there is no affirmation expense to watch the Burj Khalifa Light Show. It is important for the public fascination.

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