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How are Science and Technology related?

How are Science and Technology related?

What is Science?

How are Science and Technology related?– Science is the logical and deep study of the natural and especially social things of the world. The logic behind the science includes:

  • Deep observation
  • Analysis of data or information
  • Proof or Evidence

So, it is the study of the natural behavior of the things that exist in the world and the reason behind them. Because nothing in the world is without logic or reason. There is always a solid reason behind the certain behavior of that thing. Science has different fields of study. Some basic and common fields are:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer science
  • Social science

What is Technology?

Technology is the technical and practical work behind anything that is called technology. The simple definition of technology is the knowledge that applies to practical work for the solution of issues. Example of different technologies is:

  • Computer Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Robotic Technology
  • Latest machine technology
  • Internet Technology, etc…

Technology includes everything like button of the clothes and flying of airplane etc…  So, technology has great importance in this age. Because this age is the age of science and technology and a lot of researchers are researching different models and introducing many innovative this in this world.

Science and Technology relation:

How are Science and Technology related?

The relationship between science and technology is very close. Both fields are incomplete without each other. However, science contributes to technology in many aspects and makes technology more innovative.

Similarly, Technology is the practical interpretation of science. Science provides theoretical reason and logic so the researchers use those theories to invent any model. So, both of them are incomplete without each other. Technologies that are used in our daily life and that are incomplete without science are given below:

  • Robotic technology especially in the medical field
  • Communication purposes
  • Traveling purposes
  • Internet and wi-fi services
  • Official managements

Science cannot solve all the issues of the world alone like poverty, hunger, overpopulation. However, it can provide us with conditions by which we can sort out these issues. The study of science and technology provides the student with a broad mind, So studies of science and technology provide student knowledge and the reason behind everything that happens. So, they can think critically and analyses things.


How are Science and Technology related?

Science and technology both have a key role in development. However, both are incomplete without each other. The scientific theories help science a lot especially to make any innovation. Similarly, technology is very important in this age and our daily life.

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