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HEC Recognized universities

In the early ages, there were no HEC Recognized Universities best or top engineering universities in Pakistan. But as time has passed numerous engineering universities have been introduced. So taking admission to the top-ranked university is the priority of every student. But after passing intermediate most of the students have no awareness about the top and best universities which are good for them. We all know that without engineers life is impossible. So, to provide awareness I am going to tell you about the Top Engineering Universities In Pakistan. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you.

NUST (HEC Recognized Universities):


NUST comes first in the list of Top Engineering University In Pakistan. It establishes in 1991 and is located in Islamabad. Because the institute is under the Army of Pakistan so it provides a lot of facilities to its students. Normally people consider that this university is expensive and has a very high fee package. Well, that’s true but you can also take free admission to this university, if you come on top in their NET test then your whole expenditures will be waived off. Another way to study free in NUST is that, Apply in Army for Technical cadet course. If you qualify their tests and requirements they will provide you free engineering from NUST and Army will pay your whole expenditures.

NUST is proudly positioned at 358 in the world authenticated by UK-based Higher Education ranking universities. According to my opinion, NUST is best in three subject areas: Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences and Management, Natural Sciences.


HEC Recognized universities

In the list of Top Engineering Universities in Pakistan PIEAS comes second. It was established in 1967, located in the Capital of Pakistan. This university is one of my most favorite universities due to some reason. Well, the quality of Engineering in this institute is very good and this university is like a dream place for many students. Taking admission in PIEAS is not very difficult according to their fee structure. If you have good academic results and successfully you pass their Entry Test you can get admission to it. PIEAS is leading to perfection in science and engineering education.

HEC recognized PIEAS has a ranking position at 397 in the world due to its focus on research and the quality of faculty staff. PIEAS is a Federal Public University in the disciplines of Engineering, Natural science, and formal sciences.

This institute has a mission to come on top at the national and international levels, So the vision is to contribute to technological research in national security issues and the socioeconomics benefits of Pakistan. Pieas has aimed to provide a good environment to students for their intellectual capabilities.

GIKI (HEC Recognized):

HEC Recognized universities


GIKI (Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute) placed at number 3rd in the list of Top Engineering universities in Pakistan. It establishes in 1993, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Mr. Gulam Ishaq Khan established this university with the help of national and international scientists. Well GIKI is an Expensive university because it is private. The fee structure for BSCS and Engineering programs is around about 6lac and for management and sciences is 550000.

GIKI ranked at 3066 in the world and 34 in Pakistan. This institute is also like a paradise because of its location and the decorated area. Yes, it is quite expensive than other Engineering universities but it also has standards in the quality of education. They have highly qualified staff, research centers, and proper departments.

GIKI has the vision to aspire for leadership roles in pursuit of excellence in engineering, science, and technology, So the mission is to provide excellent teaching and research to produce graduates who distinguish themselves by their competence.


HEC Recognized universities


In the list of HEC recognized universities, IST comes fourth. It establishes in 2002, under the auspices of the Pakistan National Space Agency. This university is located in Islamabad and has an attractive building. IST is Public Sector University. The main areas of study at IST are Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, and Astraunotics. But now IST is also offering Bachelors in Computer Science.

IST ranked at 7670 in the world and 58 in Pakistan. IST is a good institute and it is improving its quality and ranking day by day.

This institute has a vision to economic vitality through teaching, research and contributes its services in the field of space and technology,


HEC Recognized universities


UET (University of Engineering and Technology), Lahore is at number 5th in our list of HEC recognized universities. Because It is the oldest university in Pakistan, So the early name of this institute was Mughalpura Institute of Technology. It establishes in 1921 in United India. Now it is located in Lahore. UET is a govt university and has very unique qualities that other universities have not. The first thing about UET is that it has an affordable fee structure and it provides education quality of high standards. It covers a vast area and has attractive buildings. UET conducts an Entry test for their applicants called the E-CAT test. I experienced it. Moreover, the degree of UET has high preference than most other universities. UET has other campuses also like UET KSK, UET FSD, UET RCET, and UET NWL.

UET has the vision to lead world-class research universities and ambition to contribute to the world by the knowledge for global competitive advantage.


HEC Recognized universities

MUET (Mehran University of Engineering and Technology) is on number 6th among the HEC recognized universities. The early name of MUET was Sindh University of Engineering and Technology.  So It establishes in 1973 located in Jamshoro, Sindh, and is a public sector university. MUET has an affiliation with HEC, PEC, and Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planner (PCATP). It is a non-profit public higher education institution, So the fee structure of MUET is 24200/year. Interestingly this institute is a part of the UNESCO International center of Engineering. MUET has a ranking position at 6135 in the world and 37 in Pakistan.

MUET has the vision to generate quality education in the field of Mining Engineering according to International standards, So the mission is to provide a solution to the Mining industry for National development.


HEC Recognized universities

Formally known as the NWFP University of Engineering and technology. It is the branch of UET Lahore’s main campus and establishes in 1952, affiliated with PEC, HEC, and PCATP, and also one of the HEC recognized universities. It is also a govt university and has a quality education standard. UET Peshawar offers many engineering programs like civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Mechatronic, Mining, Software, Architecture, and Telecommunication Engineering. It also offers Computer science and IT. This campus provides Bachelors’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees.


HEC Recognized universities

Among HEC recognized universities Air University comes at 8th position on our list. It was in 2002 located in Islamabad. Air University also has another location in MULTAN. Air University is a federally  Public Sector University So the Islamabad campus is at near the Margalla foothills sector E-9(PAF Complex). uni rank enrollment range is 3,000-3,999 students. This university is under the management of PAF. Air University requires AU-GAT, NTS, or GRE subject tests for the admission process of the applicant. The candidate must have at least 60 percent marks. Air University has a ranking position at 6663 in the world and 39 in Pakistan.

Air University has the vision to innovate and provide outstanding academic programs and research quality, So the mission is to achieve excellence in teaching and research to produce professional graduates for the country.


HEC Recognized universities

UET Texila also includes in HEC recognized universities. It is the branch of UET Lahore and establishes in 1975 located in Texila. It is Govt University, So it offers many degree programs like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Software, Computer, Electronic, Environmental and other many engineering programs As the admission process is the same as UET Lahore. UET Taxila has a ranking position at 7124 in the world and 45 in Pakistan.


HEC Recognized universities

The last university on the list Is National Textile University Faisalabad and it is also a part of HEC Recognized Universities. It is establish in 1959 and it is a public sector university. NTU Faisalabad offers Textile Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, BS IT, BS in Fashion Designing, and BBA. NTU has an affiliation with PEC.  The admission procedure of NTU is that it requires an NTS test and then displaying their merit list. This university is affordable and has a quality education. The IT center of this university is known as a Paradise center, So this university has a top ranking in Asia due to its quality and research. NTU has ranking at the 38th position in the world and 1st position in Asia.

NTU has a mission to contribute its services to socio-economic development and provide excellent education, research, and innovation.

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