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how many pushups should i do a day

how many pushups should i do a day

Pushups should I do a day Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Many youngsters want to get a big body and heavy muscles. So, they also effort a lot for it. Muscle building is not an easy task and not everyone can do it. It requires time, hardworking and a healthy diet.

Well in the world of bodybuilding and fitness Push-ups are the most common exercise and everyone performs it. But the question is how to do pushups and how many pushups should you do a day? So, here in this article, I will provide guidance related to pushups.

History of pushups:

The pushups that we see today are not the original pushups. The original and perfect pushups were discovered by the Indian wrestler and he named that pushup Hindu pushups. But the man who discovered modern push-ups, his name is Jeric Revilla.  He introduced these pushups in 1905. So this was the brief history of the push-up.

How to do perfect Pushups?

Push-ups are basically a simple workout. By its name, we can understand that this exercise is related to simply pushing and upping your body with your hands. In this exercise, you simply take a position by straitening your body. Then start going down and then push your body by your hands. So, in this way you can perform pushups.

But keep in mind your body should be straight. There is no type of imperfection. Push-ups will only be beneficial for you when you will perform it perfectly. Otherwise, if you are a beginner, it may cause injury.

how many pushups should I do a day?

how many pushups should i do a day

Well, this question is a very common question and many people asked about it. There are two situations. In each situation the recommendation is different.

 The first is if you are a beginner: Well if you are a beginner and you’re is around about 15,16 or 17. Then you should start at 10 or 15. And you should perform simple pushups. Gradually you will be better at it. So, when you will easily do 10, 15 pushups then you can increase a little bit of 2,3. So, in this increase your repetitions and one day you will do 50 and 100 as well

If you are a small level fitness athlete: The second condition is that if you are a small level fitness athlete and you perform different other exercises. So, in this case, you can start from 20 or 30 as well. You can also try different types as well. But keep in mind do not increase your repetitions suddenly. Muscle building is a slow process and it will take time.

But if you are a professional athlete or a glimmer boy then you just need to add this exercise to your workout plan. This could be a better warmup for you. If you do 50 push-ups before starting your gym then it will be very beneficial for you.

Types of Push-ups:

Well, now there are many types of pushups. Many fitness athletes do many different types of push-ups. But, some basic types that you should know about are given below:

Wide grip push-ups:

In this type of pushups, your hands will be a little bit wider than the normal push-ups. So, in this way, it will target your chest and make it wider.

Close-grip push-ups:

In this type of push-up, your hands will be slightly closer than the normal push-ups. In this way, it will target you middle part of the chest. So you can get an attractive line in the middle of your chest.

Clap push-ups:

These pushups are not very difficult. You just go down and when you push your body up you just have to clap and then again go down. So, in this way you can perform these pushups. But keep in mind that as a beginner you should focus on simple pushups. Then after some time, you should try to perform clap pushups.

Diamond Pushups:

These push-ups are very beneficial for those who want to build their chest and triceps. In this type of pushups you just need to take a position and then make a triangle of your hands and then push and up your body. So, in this way you can perform these pushups. These are really very effective for boosting your chest and triceps.

Knuckle pushups:

This type of push-up is very common in boxing. Almost all the boxers recommend these push-ups to make their punch powerful. In this type of pushups, you simply take a position and then make a punch of your hands. So, these push-ups will be performed on your punches. These are very helpful in boosting stamina and making your punch powerful and harder.

What type of physique you can get by pushups?

how many pushups should i do a day

Look at this image. If you perform daily pushups and also perform its different types so then you can get that type of physique which is not bad.

Well, it is truth and everyone should agree with it you cannot get extraordinary results just only by push-ups. But you can get a good physique and good body shape. Pushups will maintain your arms, Triceps, side chest, upper chest, Middle chest, and Shoulders. If you perform knuckle pushups then it will also be beneficial for your punches.

Well if you perform different types of push-ups with different repetitions. Then you can get a handsome body. But as a beginner, you should follow some tips. Moreover, push-ups will make you active and your whole will spend energetic. If a person does not want to go to the gym. So, he can do this exercise from his home. Easily it can be performed anywhere.

Workout and exercise play a very important role in anybody’s life. So, I would recommend it should be added to your daily routine. Doing push-ups is not a difficult task. You can do it from your home or anywhere. It will give you a lot of benefits and you will be healthy and active. Those who are professionals also include this exercise in their workout plan. There is a beautiful saying:

A healthy body has a healthy mind

So be fit and be wise. If you want to be a wise person then you must have a healthy body.

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