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Planet Fitness Body Enhancement- Complete Guide

Planet Fitness Body Enhancement


Planet fitness body enhancement has a heavy machine that contains red light. It is basically a therapy machine. This machine is also known as:

  • Beauty Angel
  • Planet Fitness Body Enhancement

So, in this article I will tell you:

  • What is planet fitness body Enhancement?
  • How does it work?
  • Benefits of Planet Fitness
  • Disadvantages of Planet Fitness

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What is Planet Fitness Body Enhancement?

Planet fitness is basically a heavy machine. It contains red lights. It is like a therapy machine. So, it works like a therapy machine. It is a network of different gyms. So, it does not contain a single gym. The network of gyms with one good trainer is called Total Body Enhancement.

How does it work?

Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in the world. It has a very good and friendly environment. So, this is the best place for those people who really want to lose weight and want to get a good physique.

Planet Fitness also requires memberships. These memberships are at a different level and with different terms and conditions. So, at a basic level, it allows the basic equipment to be access. But at the black card level, you can access any equipment for free and invite guests.

  • Hydromassage chairs and beds
  • PF training

It is the red light therapy booth. As I told you earlier it is also known as a beautiful angel. It is also the very well-known edition of the PFs line.

Planet Fitness Body Enhancement

Benefits of Planet Fitness:

Planet fitness is also known as red light therapy.  This red light is also called photobiomodulation, laser light therapy or low laser light therapy LLLT.

Its benefits are:

  • Total body enhancement is a short-time therapy. So, it is time-consuming. Normally it takes 12 minutes.
  • Somehow it is also helpful in releasing stress.
  • It helps to make your skin more stretchable. So, you can get flexibility.
  • It also makes your skin smooth.
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Total body enhancement also increases your blood circulation. So, it improves your circulatory system which is very important in fitness training.

So, these are all the benefits of Total body enhancement.

Disadvantages of Planet Fitness body enhancement:

Well, it is true that total body enhancement has many benefits but there are also some disadvantages that are:

  • Planet Fitness is only available for black card Memberships.
  • It also has a weight limit of 300lbs
  • Planet fitness is not for pregnant women. Because of laser lights. So, this may harmful for them.
  • A person who recently come from facing any kind of surgery. So, this is also not legal for him.
  • A big side effect of laser light therapy is that it may cause headaches.
  • Eyes problem
  • Irritability
  • As infrared lights are thermally hot, they can cause burning. But this burn is not exactly like the UV burn.


Planet Fitness body Enhancement is the best way to get a good physique. As it is laser light therapy it also has some disadvantages as well. The rays may damage your body part. You should take it at a low level.

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