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Aaliyaan Chaudhary– Top rated Freelancer

Aaliyaan Chaudhary


Aaliyaan Chaudhary is one of the best and top-rated freelancers in Pakistan. He was born in Islamabad and achieve a lot of milestones in his teenage. He is a top-rated freelancer. So, he also won many awards at an early age. He did his graduation in Business Administration but he has an interest in freelancing. So, he started freelancing, and right now he is one of the best and top-rated freelancers in Pakistan. Aaliyaan Chaudhary has a very inspirational background.

So, in this article, I will tell you about the motivational story ofAaliyaan Chaudhary and his life biography.


The basic education of Aaliyaan is Business administration but afterward, he start focusing on:

  • Web Development
  • Graphics And Designing
  • Youtube SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

Aaliyaan Chaudhary’s Experience:

Aaliyaan Chaudhary has very vast experience in the freelancing field. He has a lot of experience in Word press development So, he has created more than 100 themes and as well as plugins. Moreover, collectively he has experience of six years with more than 2300 clients. Aaliyaan Chaudhary has created his first gig about Youtube creations and offers it on Fiver. He also has strong coding skills and makes his WordPress gig. So, gradually he became one of the best and Top-rated freelancers on Fiver.

IT Firm of Aaliyaan:

After becoming a top-rated freelancer on Fiver, he started his own firm by the name of ACOM. This company provides services of web development, Social media, and app issues. Other than that he also owns” The Logical Pakistan” a social platform for youth and women empowerment. He believes in giving back to the community so he started this campaign. In this platform, he tells the people the good and bad things about social media. Because he is a well-wisher for the people so he has the motive to guide youth and people.

Aaliyaan Chaudhary quotes:

You cannot change your destination overnight but can change your direction overnight.


Focus on Quality, not on quantity. Always deliver to make your buyers come back to you over and over. I have never promoted my gigs because the exceptional quality of my work makes my clients happy to recommend me all the time to their friends and other companies.


If you were born poor it was not your mistake but if you die poor now that’s your mistake. (BILL GATES)

His message to beginners:

Aaliyaan Chaudhary always said to beginners that they should focus on quality, not on quantity. Because quality improves your image and builds your personality. He also said try to over-deliver and try to make your clients happy so they will come back to you again and again. So, quality work and over delivery are the key steps to becoming top rated and best freelancer.

So, if you are a beginner you should follow these key steps and make creative gigs to grab your client. Success does not come quickly it takes time and has some requirements. So, you should be patient and consistent and success will definitely come.

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