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extreme commerce vbc

Extreme Commerce VBC

Extreme commerce came:

Extreme commerce vbc launched in Pakistan in 2017. The motive was to empower youth and the nation so that they can earn independently. The main aim was to help society with their financial needs. Extreme commerce is basically a platform to provide selling opportunities to business holders on Amazon. So, they can sell their goods on Amazon world’s largest selling platform. The greatest impact of extreme commerce is that 93 percent of the community gets access to free training. Extreme commerce by VBC is also a freelancing skill.

The reality of Extreme Commerce:

According to my perception, if someone wants to earn a lot of money so in this case, he should opt for E-commerce. Because it is a highly rewarding field. However, opening your personal shopping store on Amazon may be risky but it will be very rewarding.

Is it free for students?

Yes, it is totally free for students. If any student wants to learn the Extreme commerce vbc then he or she can get free training in E-commerce.

What is VBC?

VBC stands for video boot camp. This camp has the collection of 100 plus e-commerce platforms and money-making skills of the world. So, this has very high importance.VBC trains their members so they can be able to earn a lot of money on their own and this is exactly the main motive and aim. You can earn 1000 dollars per month easily if you learn Amazon. You can access VBC for free if you show them your student background. So, if you are a student of university or college then you can get totally free access to this course and many students can get free access.


Many of the courses are offered here and you can access them. Sunny Ali and many other top world-class instructors give training to the candidates. The best part of this course is that you can learn these skills in the Urdu language which is very beneficial. So, in this way this course is a great opportunity for the youth of Pakistan.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Shopify
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Kindle
  • Email Marketing
  • Amazon wholesaler.
  • Micro PL

The motive of Extreme Commerce VBC:

As I have told earlier the main motive of this course is to empower youth and youngsters of the society. So, in this way, Pakistan can grow better and the economy will be strong. Because when dollars will come to Pakistan the economy will be strengthened. They have the aim that every candidate should earn a minimum of 500 dollars per month.

FBA course:

FBA is a business opportunity offered by Amazon. It is really helpful for the business holders because it is a very big platform so, through this platform, you send your product to buyers and FBA delivers your product to the receiver.

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